Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Feet

Summer is here! yay :) And everyone is making their way to the beach.
Keeping your feet in, sometimes, tight shoes all winter can do some damage.
Calluses, corns, dry, cracked feet. No one wants that. So heres what you can do to prepare your feet for those sandals.

One of my favorite things to do is sit back on a comfy chair with a massaging cushion, and soak my feet. Its amazingly relaxing.
If you dont have a foot bath, you can find some really good ones for cheap on, or just soak them in your tub or some sort of pan big enough. You can add oils or salts to the water to soften your skin.

After soaking, another great way to get rid of dry skin and calluses is using a pumice stone.
Theyre cheap, and super easy. You can find them at almost any drug store, beauty supply store, and even some grocery stores. You can get them for anywhere from $.99-$5.
To use:

  • Soak feet for about 5 minutes, to soften skin.
  • Wet pumice stone.
  • Rub stone on dry spots on your foot for around 30 seconds to remove dry skin.
  • Rinse foot and stone, to remove excess skin cells.
  • Repeat until smooth.
  • And dont forget the other foot.

Be careful not to scrub too hard, you can scratch or cut your foot, leaving it prone to infection.
And always make sure to clean the stone once youre done, and leave it out to dry.
As with most things, youre not gonna see a drastic change in one use, so you might want to do this 2-3 times a week before seeing baby soft feet. And you can keep doing it once a week to keep feet soft.

After soaking its always good to moisturize, make sure feet are clean and dry, then apply your favorite foot cream. You can find some really good ones at Ulta for under $10.

To prevent calluses from coming back, make sure youre wearing the right show size, and avoid shoes that are uncomfortable or squeezing anywhere. Calluses are your skins natural way of protected itself, so if your shoes are pressing against your toes, your skin will build up to prevent injury. So make sure your shoes fit. :)

Dont forget to pretty up them toes nails :) And have a wonderful summer!