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Review: Cellairis by Elle & Blair

I know this isnt technically "beauty" related, but some might consider it fashion, so Im gonna go ahead and post it anyway :)

So, as some of you may know, Elle & Blair Fowler are super popular Beauty Gurus on Youtube. Which has led to many great things for them, such as their own makeup line, writing a book, and their cell phone case line with Cellairis.

If you go to look at their cases, youll find some super cute designs for all sorts of cell phones. They said they designed these to be able to change them daily to match your outfit every day, and sort of use them as an accessory.
Which is a great idea, but coming in at $20 - $50 ($100 for an ipad case) That can be one very expensive accessory, especially if you need one for every outfit.
Theres no doubt that if you have the extra money to spend, and clearly the very successful Fowler sisters have that money, but the average american teen/young adult usually doesnt. So their idea of changing them daily isnt very practical.

However, they do have some really cute cases, which is why I was interested in checking them out.
I picked out two of my favorite cases, which were these:

In the Flesh - $27.99
This was one of my favorites, I love lace, so of course I loved this design. (it is also available in pink and a grayish color)
When I opened it, it looked pretty much exactly the way its pictured, and buying online you never know, even with a reputable company like Cellairis.. So when I first opened it, I loved it.

What I Loved:
- Cute design
- Real lace
- Fit snug on my phone, so I didnt have to worry about it falling off

What I Didnt Love:Pricey for a cell phone case
- On the site it says "an exceptional skinny profile" but I thought it made my phone a little chunky or bulky, my phone felt tiny when I took the case off..
After using it for a week or so, I noticed the one corner starting to come off, which wasnt that big of a deal, I figured I could just put a little dab of glue and fix it. (since the time that I got the case, theyve added a note to the site saying "ATTENTION: This case is made with real lace. Yes, that means its fragile and just like other products made with lace if it is not handled with care it can rip, tear, or deform. We're sure you already knew that we just wanted to state the obvious!" which wasnt there initially)

And thats really it, nothing amazing, nothing un-amazing.. But I have to say, if I were to have my choice again, I wouldnt have picked this case.

Rebel Princess - $27.99
I loved this case when I first saw it, it is definitely my style..a little "rebel-y" with a touch of glitz and "princess"
When I opened it, it was also exactly as pictured, no complaints. 
I remember reading and hearing before that Cellairis uses a special way of applying rhinestones so they wont fall off, which is one of the reasons I picked this phone, because I dont usually get cases with rhinestones because they fall off so easily, and theyre not cute anymore..but now that Im on the site looking for that in writing, of course, I cant find it. Anyway..

What I Loved:
- Super cute design, of course
- Rhine stones, who doesnt love rhinestones
- Fit really well on my phone, and clipped on really fast and easily
- Site also said it was slim, and it was pretty slim

What I Didnt Love:
- Once again, a little pricey
- After putting it on and off I noticed it started feeling a little loose..not as snug as when I first got it..
- Then after a little longer, it kind of started falling off..the corner kept coming off and it no longer fit nice :(
- Their awesome way of attaching rhinestones FAILED a bunch of mine fell left a little shiny spot from the back of the rhinestone Im guessing, so it still had a similar look, but not really..

So, all in all for both cases, Id rate them both 3 out of 5. If I had the option to get these cases again, I probably would have gone for something else for both..something that wont fall apart or have pieces fall off..something that wont itself fall off my phone..I wish there would have been more reviews when I got my cases to help me in my I hope this review helps in yours.

If youve tried any Cellairis cases (not necessarily just Elle & Blair ones) feel free to share your reviews on them :)

Have a super sparkly day!

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