Friday, October 21, 2016

New Changes!

I basically have had the same hair for the last 12 years. Yeah, I've change the color a bit, from blonde and brown to pink or blue, green or purple. But the cut and style has pretty much been the same for soo long. It is time for a change. 

But being me, of coarse, a change isn't going to come easily. I have trouble committing to new things especially when it comes to hair. I've loved having the same long hair for such a long time that I'm not quite sure if I'm able to do anything else.

But I'm pretty sure something new is just what I need right now! So I took some of my older clip in extensions and went to work playing around with them in different ways to see what my options were..

Here's a couple that I narrowed it down to. 

First, I went for some bangs. I had full bangs once when I was younger and longer side swept bangs off and on a few times over the years. but I'm so scared of the commitment of bangs that I don't know if I could ever go back. So here's sort of how it turned out. 

(I felt the bangs deserved a sassy face! Who agrees?)

Surprisingly not too bad. I like that they hide my big forehead hahah. But they looked much better without my glasses on. The glasses I felt sort of clashed with the bangs. I also wasn't sure how I liked them straight down, pulled a bit to the side suited me a little better. But I'm still not sure if they suit me at all!

Another thing I tried out was shorter hair. I haven't had my hair cut short in so long I can't even remember. I've just always loved having long hair!

But I kind of really loved it! The only thing that really sways me is I wear my hair up in a bun a LOT. Mostly because I'm so sick of my hair I never want to do anything with it. But I also just really love a big messy bun! 

(Of course Snapchat filters are the ultimate test!)
I'm also torn between growing out my natural color, which I've been doing for the past several months. Or going with a completely new color. I've been going to a darker brown color for a long time. I've also done burgundy a few times over the last couple of years. All of which I love. 

I'm so undecided and afraid of change when it comes to my hair! I don't know why, it's just hair. It can always be changed and it will grow back fresh and new. Plus I always have my extensions to help me out. 

So now I'm asking for your opinions! Which of the above two do you like best? Anything else you think might look good on me? Any input or suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!! 

Heres to changes, whether big or small! Enjoy your weekend no matter where you are. Be safe. Be happy. And always stay humble and kind. <3

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Weekly Manicure!

I've been obsessed with nails again recently. I have a new desire to learn all sorts of nail techniques and trends. For a few years now I would spend every Sunday doing my nails. For a few months that stopped. But now I'm back in it full force. All I can seem to watch is nail videos on YouTube. And in my head I just keep saying that's easy, I can do that! (So don't be surprised if you see a lot more nail related posts!)

This weeks manicure features a brand is never really heard of before as well as a polish that might surprise you!

I went for a more oval shape, rather than my normal square (or squoval) shape. I've really been wanting to try stiletto or almond shaped nails recently, so this is kind of getting me closer to that look, just shorter. 😋

The color in my nails this week is 'Serene' by a brand called LVX. This is the brand that I had never heard of, but I'm loving it so far! The color isn't something I would normally choose for myself, but last week I used a deep red shade by China Glaze that seemed too dark for the summer. So this light, almost pastel, color was a much better fit. And to be honest, I actually really like my nails this week!

LVX uses a 7 free formula, is cruelty free, and vegan. This color is creamy and goes on smooth with a sort of gel like finish. I ended up doing 3 coats, which is the only thing I really didn't like, to make sure it was as even as possible. 

Next I added an accenting holographic glitter top coat to a few nails. I've been doing this new thing where instead of just accenting my thumb and ring finger, I do pointer and pinky on one hand and thumb, middle, and ring on the other. I really like it! So this nail polish is a brand called Color Craze by LA Colors. And believe it or not..its from the dolor store.

Flash back to my very first post on this blog 5 years ago.. That post actually featured this brand of nail polishes! Now I admit these aren't the best polishes you'll ever use. But they're really good for what they are..dollar store polishes. ☺️

So I topped it all off with my current favorite top coat, CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. They say it's to be used only with CND Weekly Polish because the two work together to create a strong bond that lasts. But I've been using this top coat for a few months with other brands and I love how smooth and glossy it is. It has a wide flat brush which I find really helps get a nice even application with as few strokes as possible. It dries pretty quickly and keeps your mani looking great for days! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hand Made Bohemian Dream Catcher Giveaway!

Last year me and my sister started making adorable bohemian style dream catchers. As a thank you to my loyal subs I wanted to do a little giveaway for sticking with me through all of the ups and downs recently. So I'm giving away 1 large and 2 small custom made dream catchers! Your choice of colors!

All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber. Must be 18+ or have parental permission. This giveaway is open worldwide. Leave a comment on this post with your name and email address to enter. (Comments are left private!) 
I will be choosing and contacting the winners on my birthday, August 12. Winners have 24 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen. 

Below are some pictures of ones I've done and some that I'm still in the process of completing. I've done a few different styles and color schemes, the winner can choose their own base dream catcher material as well as color scheme for the fringe, beads/charms, and feathers. 

Good luck to all and thanks so much for being such great subs and friends!

Large dream catcher that hangs above my bed!

Small dream catcher measures between 2-4" across and up to 12" long. 

Large measures between 7-10" across and over 12" long. Neautral tones with a hint of blue. Not complete yet. 

Large with earth tones. I left this one a little on the simpler side with less fringe in the bottom. 

Family, near death experience, campfires, and bears!

View of the Blue Ridge mountains from one of the overlooks. Taken with my iPhone 6 in panoramic mode.

This time last week we were packing up the truck and headed to Virginia for a family reunion. We were all camping at Big Meadows campground, and it was a blast!
Ive never been to Shenandoah National Park, but its on my bucket list to visit every National Park! So I was pretty excited. Camping is one of my favorite things to do and Shenandoah is a beautiful place! So heres a full run down of my weekend:

Thursday morning we left for a 5 hour drive down to Virginia. It was long and boring, but the closer we got, the more beautiful the view! My excitement grew by the minute. We brought the doggos with us, so we made a few pit stops to allow for bathroom breaks and snacks/drinks. My dogs arent the best behaved in the car, so we took them for a walk in the 90-something degree weather to tucker them out, hoping theyd sleep through most of the ride there. (They did!) We finally reached Skyline Drive and I was so anxious I could barely sit still. My motion sickness meds were wearing off and the road was hilly and curvy. Plus the beauty all around was unbelievable. I could not wait to get out of the car! We stopped at a few overlooks before making our way to the campground. Setting up after a long drive is always a stressful time, so among all of the commotion I had a little break down/anxiety attack and wished I had just stayed home by myself. By the end of the weekend I was so glad I didnt! So Thursday evening was basically just us setting up, eating campfire food, and relaxing. Nothing relaxes you quite like hanging around the campfire on a cool summers evening. My happy place.
The dogs all packed up and ready to hit the road to Shenandoah!

Friday was the main day for all of the reunion festivities. We were planning on having food and laughter all day. We did not disappoint. In the morning my family had our usually camp breakfast of eggs and potatoes that always seem to taste better when youre camping.. Then we went out for a little ride around the park to see some sights and get some photos. I was so breath-taken by how unbelievably beautiful the views were up there on that mountain. I mean, I knew it would be beautiful..but it was so beyond anything Id imagined. Im the kind of person who really seeks the beauty in the world, and I dont take things like this for granted. This world always surprises me.. I have such a love and appreciation for mother nature. I could have sat there and stared into her creation for hours. But, it was time to head back to the campground and get the food started. So me and my mom heated up our 300-ish meatballs we had prepared and froze before we left and took them down to the reunion site. Everyone else (mostly) was already down there and hanging out. My mom has 8 brothers and sister, all but 2 were able to show. I have family all around the world, so its s soo great (and rare) to have them all in one place at one time. My uncle from Italy, aunt from Oregon, and uncle from California had all made it. As well as most of the local crew and Marylanders. We were just missing Uncle Larry from Singapore! A few of my moms aunts uncles and cousins made their way out too, which was super cool! I hung around for a bit, had something to eat and chatted with some family before my anxiety couldnt handle anymore and I had to head back up to our site to see what the pups were up to. (In the park you cant leave your food out due to bears, so either me or my dad was always at our site with the dogs, who arent great in large groups, and the coolers. So now it was my turn to babysit) Me and my cousin had a cute t-shirt craft planned for the kids..and any adults who were interested. So later in the evening everyone fled up the hill to our campsite to participate in the cute hand print campfire craft I had prepared. They all turned out so cute, and I couldnt have been happier! My sister and her boyfriend couldnt come until after work on Friday, so they didnt make it until around 9:45 that night, but we hung out and had a great time regardless. There were so many stars, I spent quite some time just laying their looking up. I even got to try out Astrophotography for the first time! I loved it and cant wait to do some more!
Left: "Stanton Clan" campfire hand print t shirt craft I did with the kids! Photo taken with my moms Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.
Right: Photo of the stars that night. Taken with my Canon T1i.
Saturday we kind of planned on everyone doing their own thing, hikes, sightseeing, etc. So we thought me, my sister, and her boyfriend would go off on a falls trail while my parents stayed back with the dogs, then wed switch. The hike we chose said it was moderate, ending at an 81 foot waterfall. I was so excited, because waterfalls are one of my favorite things to photograph! And one of my favorite sights ever! The hike down wasnt too bad, I actually really enjoy getting out into nature and hiking. It helps me relax, clears my head, and reminds me of where I belong. We finally could hear the water, and knew it was close! We finally reached the falls and disappointed. I guess we were at the top of the fall? It must have been a little dry to, because there wasnt much water flowing. And we all felt defeated knowing wed have to hike back up the mountain and all for a waterfall the was totally not worth it. :( Still, I wanted to sit there and relax a bit. I still wanted to try and get some photos and we had to try out my dads new life straw. So I got out there and found some decent views to photograph, my sisters boyfriend got his adrenaline rush by holding himself out over the edge like an idiot, and my sister sat there grumpily because she doesnt like nature as much as she thought..hiking isnt her thing..and shes terrified of heights. (on top of a mountain is not the best place to be when youre afraid of heights, is it?) So we hung out there for a half an hour or so then packed up and headed back up the mountain. We did not expect what came next. The hike back up was so much worse than we had anticipated. The elevation made it more difficult to breathe, it seemed much more steep on the way up, it was hot, and the added weight of my camera bag did not help at all. We had planned on taking our time on the way back, but even then it took us much longer than we thought it would. I had to take a LOT of breaks. Drank a lot of water (I didnt bring nearly enough though :/) And I still felt exhausted and over exerted. Finally, after an hour and a half, we could see the car! We were almost there..until.. I felt an uncontrollable need to puke. I had held it back a few times on the way up, but this time I just couldnt.. So I sat down on a rock 50 feet from the parking lot and let it go. My sister and her boyfriend had made it all the way up, so they brought me back some water and a cold pack to put on my neck. Once I let my body rest, and..release..I could finally walk the last few feet to the car and we were on our way back to the site. Where I layed in the hammock and didnt plan to move for the rest of the day! By the end of it I hated that hike..but I am still proud of myself for completing it. And I still enjoyed being out in nature, so it wasnt all bad after all. That evening everyone gathered around again for some more laughs and good times. My mom hung out with her family while the rest of us stayed back at our site, cooked a delicious dutch oven dinner, and had a good time of our own. I wasnt leaving that hammock for much..but that food was worth it. ;)
Results of a strenuous hike. burned a crazy amount of calories and had a ridiculous number of active minutes. Worth it!

Sunday was time to leave, so we didnt really do anything but pack up and hit the road. I was a little disappointed that we were the only ones all weekend who hadnt seen a bear..that was until the road out! I saw my first ever bear in the wild. It looked young. I didnt get any pictures of it since it ran back into the woods as soon as it saw us/heard the dogs bark. but I saw it, so that was enough for me! My trip was complete! That weekend the ducks turned 18 weeks old, so we were hoping to see our first eggs when we got home! Unfortunately, there were none. But they had been cooped up for 4 days, so I let them out and by the night I had completely forgotten to put them back in..but I was surprised to see OUR FIRST EGG the next morning when I woke up. She must have been saving it for me to come home ;) She layed it right outside her pool. I was so proud of my big girl! All grown up and laying eggs like a pro. Her first few were tiny little things. But they have strong shells and and growing in size every day. She'll be a great layer, and I cant wait to try my first duck egg!
Savannahs first egg, laid July 25.
I think my favorite thing about Shenandoah was how beautiful the nature all around was. There were deer walking right through the campground, through people sites. There were honey bees pollinating the wildflowers. An unpolluted night sky with endless amounts of stars. And breathtakingly beautiful views everywhere you turn. I cant wait for my next trip there.
Here are a few more of my favorite photos from the weekend:
 One of the few photos I got from our hike to the Waterfall. Taken with my Canon T1i.
 A baby deer that was grazing by our campsite with its mother. Taken with my Canon T1i.
 Breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Taken with my Canon T1i.
 View from an overlook on our way out. Taken with my iPhone 6.
 Honeybee pollinating some wildflowers on our campsite.
 Darla keeping guard, taking in all of her surroundings. My beautiful girl. Taken with my Canon T1i.
 Dutch oven dinner staying warm over the fire. Taken with my Canon T1i.
Two baby deer grazing on the site across from ours. Taken with my Canon T1i.

Have you been to Shenandoah? What was your favorite thing about it? Id love to hear about your experiences there. Im so excited for my next camping trip and cant wait to get back out into nature! Have a beautiful week wherever your are in the world. And remember to stop and take in the beauty that is all around us in nature.
Stay Humble & Kind. <3

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Top 3 week. Day 5: Moisturizers

Hi stunner,

Today is the conclusion of my week of Top 3's. I invite you to follow my blog so you can stay in tune for all of my upcoming posts! These are my own unbiased opinions based on my personal preference and experience. As always leave me your top 3 down in the comments! Todays top 3 is my 

Top 3 Moisturizers

This is another set that was really hard for me to chose the order of. I love all of these products for different reasons, and it wasnt easy for me to say which was better than another. Some of you who have been here a while may know that I have pretty problematic skin. I deal with breakouts and oily skin as well as dry patches in weird spots. Its always been hard for me to find moisturizers that dont leave my face feeling goopy and oily. Its actually really amazing that I have three and that it was even hard for me to pick an order for them! Without further ado, my top three..

3. My third pick for this set is the Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Night Cream. Lumene is a brand that you can find at drug stores, Target, Ulta, and many places online. I think this product is around $30 for 1.7 oz, which is pretty much on par with some other top brands you might find at ulta, but definitely more expensive than a lot of the stuff youll see at your drug stores. I know this is a night cream, but I use it in the morning as well. It hydrates my dry spots really well, without leaving the rest of my skin feeling oily and gross. It goes on smooth and feels pretty  nice. It also smells decent, which is never a bad thing. This product is also supposed to help with wrinkles, which I dont have yet because Im only 24, but it should help prevent them too! Which is always a plus!

2. The second spot goes to Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Sunscreen and Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer says that it is a sunscreen, and has SPF 15. (which really isnt that high for a facial sunscreen, id prefer something a bit higher if its supposed to last me all day!) I love how smooth this product goes on. It absorbs really well and doesnt leave my skin greasy at all, which is so important to me! I can put it on under my makeup and it protects my skin from the sun while leaving it smooth and hydrated! This is the cheapest product on my list, around $15 for 2.5 oz. so its affordable for most people! I enjoy the scent of this product, it smells clean and fresh, which matches perfectly how it makes my skin feel when I use it!

1. My final number one pick goes to Malibu C Vital Creme. Malibu C is probably my current favorite skin care brand, and this moisturizer is simply amazing! Malibu C is a company that aims to solve your problems using nature inspired technologies. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, fragrences, and all of the nasty things we dont want on our skin! Their products are also made in the US. This is what sets them above the rest for me. This moisturizer is the silkiest and smoothest of the group, and it leaves my skin feeling so soo nice. It will cost you about $40 for 3.4 oz. which I think is completely fair! In the winter the backs of my hands get really dry, so I often find myself using this for that purpose too, and it works amazingly! After just a day or two my dryness is solved and my skin feels soft and smooth again! I love this brand and really suggest that you all go check out their products. They have amazing things for your skin. And soon I plan on checking out their hair products too!

I really hope you enjoyed
this Top 3 series and look forward to another in the future! Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below for future Top 3 series!

Always stay humble & kind.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Top 3 Week. Day 4: Drug Store Mascaras

Hey beauty,

As I hope you know by now, this week I am doing my Top 3's. Feel free to follow my blog so you can see when the next one goes live! These are my own unbiased opinions based on my personal preference and experience. As always leave me know your top 3 down in the comments! Todays top 3 is my 

Top 3 Drug Store Mascaras

This has been by far my hardest top 3 this week trying to decide the order. Mascara is one of those things that can be either amazing or a total bust. Its can be very hard to find your perfect mascara, so not everyone is willing to fork out big bucks to try all of the prestige brands. And believe me, I almost prefer using drug store brands sometimes. (And even drug store prices are getting up there!) Ive tried a LOT of different drug store mascaras, and I think Ive finally pinned my top 3 picks.

3. My number three spot is going to have to go to Revlon Lash Fantasy Total Definition. (Which Im just finding out they no longer make) This was the one with the primer/base on one end and mascara on the other. I loved this one because the base was amazing! I first saw this mascara in a Kandee Johnson video and knew I had to try it..I had never used a mascara primer before and was so into the idea! I will never understand why companies discontinue products that their customers love..I know this had to be one of their top mascaras, so it doesnt make sense to me that theyd stop making it. I contemplated choosing a different product that is still available, but this really was my top 3 :(

2. Second choice is Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher. I absolutely love the brush/wand on this mascara. It is curved with the both sides being different. The curved shape, I feel, makes it easier to get in there and coat your lashes without making a mess of your eyelid or misshaping your lashes. The one side loads the mascara onto your lashes, while the other "combs the clumps" so you get voluminous lashes without the clumps and blobs. (Im not one of those girls who likes spidery lashes..I like the full, separated look.) 

1. Finally, my top pick is Revlon Grow Luscious. Again, Revlon has discontinued all of their best mascaras and have come out with a whole new line of products.. This has been on my favorites list for years now. This mascara gave the most beautiful voluminous, long, full lashes. The formula was also supposed to help them to grow! I just loved the way it coated and separated my lashes. They always looked so long and full, and I got compliments on my lashes ALL the time! I am beyond mad that they no longer sell this product, and I dont know what Im going to do about the fact that Ill never be able to purchase it again! :'(

So really, with 2 of my products being discontinued, I guess this post doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but these were my top three, Im so disappointed that Revlon has gotten rid of two of my favorite products! Let me know your favorite drug store mascaras! I guess now I need to find some new favorites!

Nonetheless, I hope you are still enjoying this Top 3 series and please leave me suggestions for other Top 3's you would like to see in the future!

Always stay humble & kind.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Top 3 Week. Day 3: Dry Shampoos

Hey beauty,

This week, as you know, I am doing my Top 3's. Be sure to follow my blog so you can see when the next one goes live! Again, these are my own unbiased opinions based on my personal preference and experience. As always feel free to let me know your top 3 down in the comments! Todays top 3 is my 

Top 3 Dry Shampoos

As we all know by now, it is bad to wash your hair every day. Its essential for healthy hair to let it build up its natural oils in between washes. Many girls have taken lots of time and endured plenty of grungy-ness to train their hair to last a week without washing it. I have tried this for so long and my hair still ends up greasy and disgusting looking/feeling by day 2. I definitely can not go any longer than 3 days without washing it.. So dry shampoo has become my best friend. Ive tried a bunch of different ones, so here are my top 3.

3. My Third choice is a little cheaty, becuase this brand will appear again on this list. But I chose the Batiste Dry Shampoo. This brand is very popular, they even claim they are voted #1 favorite. I can definitely believe that, although Im not sure who voted :P They offer a bunch of different kinds of dry shampoo for all of your different needs. And Batiste is one of the more affordable brands you can find. I get mine at TJ Maxx for under $5! But you can also find them at Ulta, Target/Walmart, drug stores, and many other places. (I even just found the original dry shampoo on Amazon for $3!) If youve never used dry shampoo before, basically its an aerosol spray of a powder that absorbs the excess oils in your hair, leaving it looking nice and clean again!

2. My second pick is the TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. I had been wanting to try this stuff for a long time, and one day I saw it at our K Mart which was having a store closing sale, so I bought it and gave it a try. I LOVED it so much I had to go back and stock up while they still had them! I have tried a lot of other brands, and many I had tried previously just didnt cut it for me, they still left my hair looking and feeling dirty. But this one was different. I also really liked that it had a more pleasant scent than pretty much every other brand I had tried. The thing about dry shampoo, though, is it is a powder, so it leaves a dusty look to in your hair that you have to massage into the hair to disappear. I do find that this one is a little harder to get to disappear competely in my dark hair, and sometimes Ill notice later in the day that I totally missed a spot and have been walking around like a dusty old fool. :P It is also much more expensive, costing you about $21 regular price at Ulta. (But it often goes on sale for like $10 bucks! Which is when I stock up!) I also find that it seems to run out really quickly! And for the price thats not really a great selling point. Which is why its number 2 and not 1.

1. And lastly.. My number one choice is Batiste Dry Shampoo Hint of Color. As I mentioned earlier, Batiste would be on here twice. I also mentioned that they have different kinds for various needs. One of them being a tinted version! Like I said in my number 2 pick, dry shampoo can leave a white dust in your hair, so batiste has eliminated this problem by offering 3 different shaded options as well. They have a medium & brunette version, which is the one I use most often. And they also have a dark & deep brown, which I want to check out, and a light & blonde option for you. The brunette dry shampoo is ideal for me, having obviously dark hair, so I dont ever get that chalky dusty hair residue left behind. It works exactly the same way of the other dry shampoos, it just has a hint of color to it. Which makes this my number one pick! This one is also available at Walmart/Target, drug stores, Ulta, and many other retailers. I look for it every time I go to TJ Maxx and they usually have it, although when I was there last week they didnt have any! It comes in a decent size bottle and lasts a fair amount of time, but it is super affordable, so theres no fuss if it runs out in 4-6 weeks. 

I hope you are still enjoying this Top 3 series and feel free to leave me suggestions for other Top 3's you would like to see in the future!

Always stay humble & kind.