Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Full Face Foundation Routine

1. Primer

I always start my face with a primer. I think it helps the makeup go on better and look better. I feel like I use less product when using a primer, and it helps the makeup stay on all day! Ive tried so many different primers.. from Smashbox, Too Faced, Laura Geller, Bare Minerals, to drug store brands, there have been some hits, and some misses..
My current favorite is the Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer. - $22.95 @ efficientliving.comI used to use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer, but I started working with the owner of GGB and he sent me their primer, which is comparable to the Too Faced one, but it's cheaper, and you get almost twice as much! Iits definitely my go-to primer now!
Im not a fan of brushes for applying primer or foundation, so I just use my clean fingers and apply a little bit all over my face!

2. Foundation

A lot of people conceal, then apply foundation, but I prefer to apply foundation, then conceal. I never really have to conceal blemishes or spots or anything, I really just do under my eyes, so I dont have to worry about perfectly matching my concealer to my foundation.
Ive never really tried any high-end foundations, Ive been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of one Ive tried and I literally can not think of any! I always buy drug store brand foundations! Until I tried this..
My favorite foundation right now is the Ahava Rich Foundation. - $23.95 @
(mine was sent to me from Ahava, but I cant find on their site where to buy the foundation!)
They also have a light foundation, but I cant use that because I need fuller coverage! But I absolutely love this stuff! Its made from active deadsea minerals, like all of their products, and it is free of oils and dyes, so its super good for your skin! And its great for me because I have oily skin, so anything oil-free is a must!
Again, I just use my fingers to apply this, I feel like brushes make it look streaky.

3. Concealer

Like I said earlier, all I only really conceal under my eyes, and I use a slightly lighter concealer just to brighten up under my eyes!
My favorite concealer is the Laura Geller The Real Deal Concealer. - $22 @
Ive never been a big fan of concealers, I felt like they always made my makeup look worse. Ive tried many high end, as well as drug store concealers, and just never really liked any. But this one I do really like for under my eyes.
I just use my beauty blender and lightly apply a little bit under my eyes and blend it out.

4. Powder

I go back and forth between using a translucent setting powder and a color powder.
So for my translucent powder I have been loving the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder. - $31 @
This has a weird spongey thing on the end that youre supposed to use to apply, but I think they give a weird application, so I just tap it around a few spots on my face then take a brush and kind of buff it out.
And for a color powder Ive been using the Ahava Compact Powder - $27.21 @
To apply, I just take a kabuki brush and press it into my foundation. Since I like a slightly lighter under eye, Ill just take a translucent powder and apply it there, and color powder everywhere else.

5. Bronzer

I can not go a day without using bronzer on my face, I feel like it adds so much more dimension to my face, and just pulls the whole look together. 
Lately Ive been using the Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer. - $24 @
I used to use an angled brush and do a more intense contouring, but lately Ive been using a bigger brush, like a fluffy foundation or blush brush, and just give a soft contouring effect under my cheek bones and around my temples, and slightly down my neck.

6. Blush

Im very picky with my blush, it cant have shimmer and it has to be the perfect color. I have oily skin, so anything shimmery will just make me look like a disco ball!
My every day blush lately has been the Revlon Matte Powder Blush in Perfectly Peach. - $8.48 @ Walmart or Target.
I just use another fluffy blush brush and apply that to my cheekbones and blend out soflty.

So, thats basically it for my every day full face routine. I try to use only matte products, and no highlight, like I said I have oily skin, dont want to look like a disco ball! Ive included links to all products I mentioned, so go ahead and check them out and let me know what you think of these products! 

Disclaimer: The ggb primer, ahava foundation, and ahava compact powder were sent to me for review, all other products were purchased by me! This is just the products I have currently been using and loving. No one is paying me to write this post!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skin Again Review pt. 1

I will have my full review on all of the skin again products soon, I just wanted to do a quick post about one of my favorite Skin Again products, Relief.

Relief, also know as Neutone, is a non-prescription alternative to harsh topicals for irritation, inflammation, itchiness and redness due to skin conditions, rashes and insect bites.
Relief can be used for relief of irritated, itchy, red and inflamed skin due to skin conditions, rashes and insect bites.

The first time I used it, was about a day after I received it in the mail, I took my dogs for a walk and got completely eaten alive by mosquitos. I got home and was itchy allllll over my legs and feet. So I applied this to my itchy spots, and literally immediately felt relief! I admit, it did wear off after a little while and I felt itchy again, but I just applied a little more when I needed to.

My dog has severe allergies to fleas, just one flea on him and he will literally scratch himself until he bleeds. He always has very dry skin already, especially in the summer, and this summer fleas are really bad! We treated the lawn twice for fleas, have bombed the house, and given the dogs numerous flea baths, as well as Frontline every month. But my poor little Rascal is still suffering from itchy skin due to flea bites.
I tweeted @SkinAgainTweets asking if it was safe to use on pets, because my poor little guy needed relief! They tweeted me back and said that it hasnt been tested for pets, but they have used it on their dog for hot spots. It is fragrance-free, paraben-free and gluten-free, so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin. So I figured it shouldnt be bad for dogs? So I applied it to my little guys skin where he seemed to be itching the most. Immediately he stopped biting and scratching!
Since it hasnt been tested on animals yet, I suggest consulting your vet before applying it to your dog, and I am not telling you go ahead and use this on your pets because it hasnt been tested! Im just sharing with you my experience. But I know my dogs skin can handle this and havent seen any negative side effects of using it. So I will continue to use it on my dogs itchy skin!

I absolutely love this cream, it is like a miracle product for me and my little guy, we have tried so many products on him to relieve his itchy skin. This product has helped him so much, and every time I have skeeter bites it is the first thing I reach for! I definitely will be using this for a longgg time to come!

There are 3 other Skin Again creams for other skin problems, which I will be posting about very soon! So if you are interested be sure to click follow (to the right of this post ->) so you will be notified when I post in the future!

Each tube is 4.2 fl oz. and costs around $50.
You can find out more about Skin Again and their awesome products at

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free from SkinAgain in exchange for a review. This does not change my views or opinions on the products. I really do absolutely love them, and will be purchasing them again in the future! No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for this review!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Current Daily Hair Routine

I think I did one of these a while back, or at least something similar, but I change my routine a lot, so this is what I currently do basically every day!

You can get most of the products I mention in this post at This is my favorite place to get everything for my hair!
To get 20% off plus free shipping on your first purchase of $50 or more, click here!

Around once a week, maybe once every two weeks or so I like to do a deep conditioning treatment on my dry, dirty hair. I like to use my Surya Brasil Color Fixation Leave-In Cream Conditioner. Youre really supposed to put this on wet or dry hair and style as normal, but I feel like it weighs my hair down too much, so I just use it as a deep conditioning treatment.
So, what I do is take a big glob of it in my hand, and spread it throughout my hair, saturating the ends. Ill clip it up and leave it on my hair for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, or even over night. If I plan to do it overnight Ill put a shower cap or something on to prevent it from getting on my pillow, and prevent it from drying and getting sticky and weird.
After you rinse this stuff from your hair it leaves it so soft and smooth. I do shampoo and condition again after. But doing this deep conditioning every so often helps me keep my hair manageable. :)
(Review on Surya Brasil products Ive used before.)

My current 2 favorite Shampoos and Conditioners are the
- Silky Sexy Hair Lite. I was given this as a gift, and it is now one of my all time favorite shampoo/conditioners. This stuff, first of all, smells AMAZING. And it leaves my hair so soft and silky smooth. I have become obsessed with this stuff, Ive been using it so sparingly lately, because Im almost out :( But it is definitely something I intend on repurchasing! This is a very close second to my all time favorite, Redken Extreme.
- Sebastian Trilliance. The first time I tried this I was on my annual camping trip at the beach. Me and my best friend had just come back from a hella hot day at the beach. We were sweaty, salty, and my hair was dry and annoying! So I tried this stuff out, and immediately I was like "holy cow, this stuff is awesome!" It took my dry, difficult, beach hair..and made it super soft and manageable. It made my hair super shiny and beautiful! Another product to add to my list of favs! (The only downfall to this product, is its more expensive than both of my top 2 favs, so thats why this comes in at 3rd)

After I get out of the shower, I always towel dry my hair or just twist it up in my towel for a few minutes. Especially in the summer, I usually need a few minutes to cool off after stepping out of the steamy bathroom! So, once my hair is just damp, not completely saturated, not dry. Ill take my current favorite heat protectant spray, Tresseme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray. Ive always loved the original one from them, but they recently released the Keratin Smooth collection, and I must say I like this stuff SOO much better! It helps me get my hair smooth and straight much much easier.

I then like to run about a pea-sized drop of the Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum to the ends and about half way up the ends of my hair. This combination of products makes my hair seriously so much easier to manage, keeps it soft and beautiful.
(Review on some of my all time favorite Redken products.)

Then I use my favorite blow dryer from Sedu. The Sedu Revolution 4000i. I dont think they sell this one anymore, I believe now they only sell the newer version, the 6000i. I havent had a chance yet to try that one out, but I absolutely love my 4000i. It dries my hair so super fast and Ive found my perfect settings to get my hair pretty straight, which makes styling so much easier!
(Review on this blow dryer!)

I use my favorite brush to dry my hair, which is the 2.5" Thermal Nylon & Boar Barrel Round Brush from Brush Boutique by SPI. I looked everywhere to try and find a link to this brush, I got mine at Ulta a few years ago, but I cant seem to find a link. Idk if the company is even still around!

Before I do anything else to my hair I like to apply a little bit of the Bed Head After Party smoothing cream. It just helps smooth out my hair as I style it, plus it adds a little more heat protection. Then Ill either take my blow dryer on cool shot and just quickly dry that, or Ill let it sit and soak in for a few minutes while my styling tool of choice is heating up!

After I have my hair completely dry I will either run my straightener through it real quick to get the little bit of fluffiness and any kinks out..
I use the Karmin Titanium 1" Professional Styling Iron in pink! Absolutely love this slat iron.
Or Ill curl it using my favorite clipless curling iron, the T3 Single Pass Whirl!
(Review on this curling wand!)

Then sometimes Ill take a little tiny bit of my Julep Top Coat for Hair and just mist that over to make it extra shiny, but with all the other products I really dont need it.
(My thoughts on the Julep Maven Program.)

I know it may seem like quite the process, or like a lot of products, but it really doesnt take me very long to do my hair at all, and this combination of products together really helps keep my hair healthy, smooth, and manageable.

Im always up for trying new products, so let me know your favorites!

If you would like to see a full review on any of the products Ive mentioned please let me know!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, Some of the products were sent to me in exchange for a review, this is not that review. Just because a product is sent to me does not mean I have to like it, these are just some of the products that I happen to love and continue to use. All opinions are my own.
Surya Brasil Leave-In Conditioner was sent to me to review. Silky Sexy Hair was given to me as a gift. Sebastian Trilliance was sent to me from an amazing PR company I have been working with for a few years. I have been purchasing Tresseme Heat Protectant Spray for a long time. I got my Redken Glass 01 myself from Ulta. The Sedu blow dryer was sent to me as part of's Review Program. I got my brush by SPI myself from Ulta. Bed Head after party was also from Ulta. My straightener was sent to my from a company who works with Karmin. The T3 Curling Wand was also part of the Folica Review Program. I got my Julep Top Coat for Hair from a Julep Maven Box I purchased myself!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE! Where have I been? Plus a BIG GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say I am so sorry for my absence lately, Ive been dealing with some hate and rude people recently, as well as some personal issues. So I thought it was best for me to just take a break for a little while and let things clear up. The last thing I want on here is negativity!

So Ive cleared my head, and gotten rid of all the negativity in my life and I am ready to pick things up from where I left them!

I am still planning a nice big giveaway for you guys very soon! Im still just waiting on a few more things then I will have it up and running in no time. So be sure to follow/subscribe so you will receive notifications when I publish new posts and run my giveaway. Follow me on Twitter also, to stay tuned in, and for more opportunities to get freebies!
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Also if you have any requests for any type of post, makeup looks, reviews on specific products, hair tutorials, ANYTHING! Please let me know in the comments, on twitter, or shoot me an email or direct message! I want to post things that YOU want to see! :D

Have a beautiful day, and remember to SMILE<3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Quasar: Baby Blue Review Pt. 2

In my first half of my review, I talked about how I like the product, but my post got a little too long, and I decided to put the details into a separate blog. So here is where you will find out how to use it, where to buy it, etc!
To read my first half of the review go here!

The Baby Blue light works by killing acne-causing bacteria. The bacteria releases small molecules called porphyrins. When porphyrins are exposed to the Baby Blue's wavelengths of natural light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria.
The Baby Blue is 100% natural and requires no harsh chemicals or medication. It is safe, effective, painless, noninvasive and requires no downtime. It can be used on all skin types and skin tones including sensitive and irritated skin.

So, now we know how it works..but how do we actually use it?
First, you want to make sure you have clean, dry skin. You can use your regular every day facial cleanser, no need to buy a special cleanser. There isnt any specific cleanser you have to use for the Baby Blue to work. You also dont have to apply any kind of cream or gel or anything to your skin for the light to work. So before you do anything else, spot treatments or moisturizers, etc..before any of that is when you need to use the light!
Now that your face is clean, and youre ready to use your light, youre going to split your face into 6 sections, as pictured to the left. Turn your light on. And, starting in section A, press your light against your skin, and move over your skin in little circular motions. Do each section for four minutes each. The whole process should take 24 min.
Using the light daily may seem like its very time consuming. But it really takes much less time than if you were to go to a doctors office to get the same treatment done. Plus, you can use the light while sitting on the couch or laying in bed watching tv!
I use my light after I wash my face every night, once I get into bed. You dont need to look in a mirror or anything. The only time you might need a mirror is if youre doing spot treatments, and you need to see where the blemish is. But if youre doing it all over your face theres no need for a mirror.

Then, once youre done with the light, you can apply your moisturizer and whatever else is in your normal routine. Its important to use a moisturizer, because the light can cause your skin to dry out a little, especially if you have more dry skin already.
I have very oily skin, and using the light has really helped me control the oil, so it doesnt dry my skin out very much, but just to prevent any dryness, I make sure to use a good moisturizer.

You want to make sure to clean your light after each use, using a wet towel or alcohol wipe. Keeping it clean will ensure that it continues to work properly with each use!

I mentioned in pt. 1 that the Baby Quasar is a bit on the pricey side. Although, if you put it into perspective, its actually very affordable. The electronic components are made to have a 10 year life expectancy. And the Baby Quasar starts with a full five year unconditional, unlimited warranty. If your Baby Blue stops working for any reason, other than physical abuse, they will fix or replace it free of charge!
So, a 10 year life expectancy..that means if it does last 10 years youre only paying $35 a year, which is a fraction of what you would be paying in just one year of getting the same treatment done in a doctors office!

So yes, the Baby Blue costs $350. That comes with the light, power cord, lens cap, and travel case. But if youre already spending $30+ every month on "top of the line" acne products that arent working, maybe this is the product youve been searching for. I know it is for me! Plus, if you dont like it, there is a 60 day money back guarantee!

So, for me..using the Baby Blue with my normal every day skin care routine, it really has helped to clear my skin and control the oil. It has worked when nothing else seemed to. So this product is here to stay for me!

You can buy your Baby Blue, or other Baby Quasar products such as the red light treatment, replacement lens caps or power cords, etc. by visiting

Disclaimer: Yes, the Baby Blue was sent to me in exchange for my review. But I absolutely LOVE the product, and would have paid the full $350 to purchase the product. After trying it for 60 days if I didnt like it I would have returned it. But this product has really been a miracle product for me and I have been 100% honest in this review! No monetary exchange occurred. All opinions are completely unbiased and 100% my own! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Quasar: Baby Blue Review

As you probably know if youve been reading my blog for a while, Ive struggled with bad skin and break outs for a long time. Ive tried maaaany different products to try to clear my skin. From ProActive, Murad, Evologie, Merlot, handmade all natural products, and everything in between..finding few products that actually work, I thought it was time to try a different approach.

I remember seeing Blair Fowler (JuicyStar07 on youtube) a while ago using a little gizmo, I cant even remember the name of it, which used heat and light I believe to zap blemishes, she ranted and raved about it for a while..but I havent heard about it in a while and cant seem to find the video anymore. But she seemed to think it really worked. So I started doing some research on blue light therapy.

Blue Light Therapy used to be something only done in doctors offices. The redness and swelling that can occur with acne is caused by a type of bacteria that can be killed by exposing your skin to different types of light. Blue light is the most commonly used wavelength. (Red lights are also sometimes used with blue, but red is more commonly used as an anti-aging treatment)
But recently there have been a few companies that have made it possible to bring that treatment into the comfort of your own home. Making those appointments can be very time consuming and costly. But The Baby Quasar makes it affordable and convenient!

"The Baby Blue light works by killing acne-causing bacteria. The bacteria releases small molecules called porphyrins. When porphyrins are exposed to the Baby Blue's wavelengths of natural light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria.
The Baby Blue is 100% natural and requires no harsh chemicals or medication. It is safe, effective, painless, noninvasive and requires no downtime. It can be used on all skin types and skin tones including sensitive and irritated skin."

Before I tried the Baby Blue my skin was freaking out! I was breaking out horribly, and it was making me self conscious..I didnt even want to put makeup on out of fear of another break out! I was trying everything to clear my skin in my break out areas, which was making the rest of my skin extremely dry and irritated.

Here is a picture of my skin before trying the Baby Blue. I break out mainly along my jawline, and have a very oily T-zone. This is right after washing my face. No makeup.

And here is my skin after using the Baby Blue every day for 2 weeks. This obviously is a different angle, and I am wearing makeup..but no concealer, and you can see the bumps and breakouts are pretty much gone and my pores are much smaller!
The Baby Blue is a miracle product for me. It has helped clear my skin when nothing else has worked for me. It also reduces the oil on my skin, which I have very oily skin! But..I must add, that when I stopped using it for a week and a half (I was camping with no electric) my skin did start to break out again. I also want to add that using this device every day did start to dry out my skin a little (especially in spots that arent as oily as the rest) but for me that isnt a big deal and I can manage since my skin is so oily already it actually helps to dry it out a little.

*Added Jan 2015* Ive been using this device off and on for a while now and havent noticed any long term effects or problems. As I already mentioned, when I stop using it my skin does revert back to being oily and prone to break outs, but when I use it regularly it definitely helps keep my skin looking and feeling so much better!!

I know this post is hella long, with a lot of information, so I decided to do a separate post for how to use it! And also where you can find it, how much, etc!
If you are interested in how this device works check out the second half click here!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Paul & Joe Blush Review

Ive been using the same couple of Benefit blushes for a while now, and I absolutely love them..dont get me wrong, but Ive been thinking its time to try some new blushes!
One of the blushes I tried recently was the Paul & Joe Cheek Color.
Mix & Match with Paul & Joe Cheek Color to complement your mood or flatter your outfit!
Innovative, floral-embossed compact is magnetic, conveniently offering a revolving assortment of dual Cheek Colors to be worn individually, or blended together for endless looks and combinations!

Paul & Joe Cheek Color come in 10 shades, each of which have 2 shades. You can either blend them together, or use separately to contour and highlight. 

I have the 05 Gamine, an earthy, natural pink that creates the impression of artless style.

I personally like to use the colors separately, to contour and highlight. I love these colors together, they look beautiful on my skin tone. But the great thing is they have 10 colors so whatever your skin tone, they have something for you!

Each blush refill is $18, and the compact that it goes in (sold separately) is $8. I think thats a fair price for these blushes, I absolutely love them and wouldnt mind paying that. 

They can also be stored in a Z palette, or other magnetic case, they come with a magnet already attached to the bottom. (which is how they stay in the compact they sell) 

You can find out more about Paul & Joe Cheek Colors, and other products, at They dont sell their products on their site, but you can find out where to buy them online or in-store by going here.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Travalo Review and How To Fill Video!

The Travalo is a must have for fragrance lovers!
Never travalo without one!
They are available in a few different sizes, in spray and rollerball. They come in many colors to suit everyone, man or woman. 
They are aircraft approved, so you can take it in your carry-on and not have to worry about it getting taken from you; and instead of putting your full size perfume in your luggage and taking the chance that it will break or leak all over your clothing!
You can easily slip this into a pocket or your purse to carry with you at all times, instead of using those small bottles that always end up leaking!
You can find Travalo at many retail stores or online at
The one that I show is the Excel; it holds aprox. 65 sprays, comes in 10 colors, and only costs $20!
Theyre super easy to fill, watch my video and see how!
(Watch on Youtube for better quality.)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Giveaway Time! (almost)

Hello beautiful! I have some very exciting news, as you probably see from the title. I am planning a giveaway!
My last giveaway was over a year ago! I gave away over $300 in amazing beauty products to 2 lucky winners!
This year I wanna do it bigger and better! But I need your help! If you guys can help me get just a few more followers I have big prizes coming very soon!
So if you could just share my link on your social media sites, tell your friends, however you can help would be so amazing!
So to follow my blog, please click here! Its important to follow, so you can be notified when the giveaway is open!
Thank you all so much for your help, and making my blog a success! And be sure to check back soon for my next big giveaway!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

La Fresh Wipes Reviews

Recently I got to try out a few products from La Fresh, some of which I am now obsessed with, so I decided to give a full review to each of the products!
The first one is the Oil-Free Face Cleanser. They have two different ones, a scented and an unscented, I got to try both.
They both work the same, the only difference is the fragrance in one! They gently cleanse and detoxify and effectively remove makeup. Theyre great for all skin types! They are made from a blend of aloe, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, marshmallow, jojoba, vitamin C, and vitamin E! The wipes are 100% biodegradable. And they are free of parabens, sulfates, triclosa, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances and animal byproducts! (And the scented ones, of course, have a refreshing scent!)
They are available in the following:
30 wipes resealable pouch - $9.99
20 portable sachets - $9.99
10 portable sachets - $4.99
I have them in the portable sachets, which are little individually wrapped packets, that are perfect for travel or to keep in your makeup bag or purse!
I like to use these when Im not wearing a lot of makeup, they remove the makeup and cleanse my face! I also carry one in my purse with me at all times for those emergency moments like if I stay at a friends house and dont get to go home and pack my stuff, I can remove my makeup and cleanse my face and dont have to worry about breaking out from sleeping with makeup on!
You can find these products at!

Next is the Waterproof Makeup Remover.
These wipes are great for eyes and lips, they remove that hard to get makeup like tough lipsticks, waterproof eye liner, and most waterproof mascara. (I say most, because I find it hard to remove all of the mascara using these, but I have yet to find a wipe that really removes all of my mascara!)
They dont leave a residue, some makeup remover wipes leave an oily gross feeling on your face, these dont so much! The wipes are also 100% biodegradable. As well as free of parabens, sulfates, triclosa, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrances and animal byproducts! They refresh and nourish eyes and lips with a blend of olive, jojoba, sesame, grapeseed, vitamin E and lavender.
They are available in the following:
24 wipes resealable pouch - $9.99
18 portable sachets - $9.99
8 portable sachets - $4.99
I also have these in the portable sachets, again, great for travel or to keep in your makeup bag or purse!
I have yet to find an amazing waterproof makeup remover, even these arent the absolute best, I still find that its hard to get all of my eye makeup off with just one wipe, but these are by far the best Ive found so far. They remove most of the makeup, which makes washing my face much easier and less harsh on my eye area. Maybe I wear too much mascara, but I do still find that I either need a second wipe, or need to use an eye cleanser while washing my face.
You can find these products at!

Next is the Instant Body Smoother.
These silky-sheer wipes revitalize and smooth dry, over worked skin on contact. They are made from ablend of olive, jojoba, sesame, grapeseed, vitamin E and peppermint. They are also biodegradable and free of sulfates, parabens, etc. Theyre great for after  workout, day trip, or whenever you feel you need really!
They are available in the following:
24 wipes resealable pouce - $9.99
18 portable sachets - $9.99
8 portable sachets - $4.99
I have these in the portable sachets as well. I keep one in my purse at all times, just in case! These are actually really cool. They smell AMAZING and feel really nice on the skin! They left my skin feeling a little smoother, and left a light sheen making my skin look dewey! However, they didnt feel super moist, Im not sure if they are supposed to, but I felt like mine was drying up a little.
You can find these products at!

And lastly, my favorite, Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover.
These wipes quickly clean and condition all 10 nails with just one pad. They moisturize with aloe, glycerin and vitamin E; and strengthen nails with rosemary and horsetail extract. They are acetone-free, as well as free of parabens, sulfates, etc. They have an amazing scent of Tuscan Orange!
They are available in the following:
20 portable sachets - $9.99
10 portable sachets - $4.99
These wipes are amazing. I think theyre my new favorite product of the year, maybe all time! I hate taking my nail polish off, its always a hassle and smells horrible. I always have to do it in my bedroom because my parents hate the smell, and the scent always seems to stay in my room for hours! But with these pads I can do my nails anywhere without bothering anyone! The smell is amazing, and they leave my nails feeling so smooth and nourished. They effectively remove all polish from all 10 nails using just one pad. I did find removing glitter polish was still difficult though, and it kind of tore the pad, so be cautious of that. I will be buying these for a long time to come! They are individually wrapped so they are perfect for travel! I will most definitely be taking them on trips and vacations this year! I also have one in my purse at all times for those emergency moments!
You can find these products at!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Skin Care Review!

Ive recently been trying a bunch of new skin care products. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately, so Im pretty determined to find something that works for me!
Ive mentioned quite a few times about different skin care products Ive tried, some that worked, some that didnt. You can check out those reviews here!

But there are three products in particular that Ive tried recently that I wanted to talk about.
The first is from Merlot Skincare.
In 2001 Wayne Beckley launched Merlot Skin Care, utilizing the power of the grape seed in each unique formulation. Harnessing natures mote powerful antioxidants, Merlot products work to fight free radicals - molecules caused by smoke, smog, pollution, stress, and UV rays - and protect against the signs of aging. From his first experiments in the garage to today, Beckley has built Merlot into a powerful line. Merlot Skin Care products have been praised for their high quality formulations and tremendous value. But the real secret is in the seed.
Ive mentioned a few products from them before. But the product I want to talk about now is the Merlot Exfoliating Scrub.
What they say: Reveal smooth skin. This formulas micro beads work to battle blemishes and clean pores gently. Cleans pores, smoothes skin with micro beads, helps prevent breakouts, contains grape seed extract.
What I say: I really liked this cleanser. I liked the way it made my skin feel after. (especially using the toner and moisturizer along with the cleanser) I like that the micro beads sloth off dead skin, leaving my skin feeling smoother. I didnt, however, notice major improvement in the complexion of my skin, I didnt notice any more breakouts, but I also didnt notice any less. It kept my skin from getting oily about the same as most products, if I use it in the morning by 1-2 in the afternoon my skin starts feeling pretty oily. (Ive yet to find a product that helps fight oil all day) The price for this product is pretty fair, its about $14 for 6 oz. I might use this product again, as long as I find the right spot treatment and moisturizer to use along with it to help with my skin problems.
Final thoughts: Decently priced, smoothes skin, not drying, but not super effective at clearing my skin. I would consider repurchasing!
You can find out more about Merlot Skin Care products, and buy them here.

The next products I checked out were the Evologie products.
I tried the entire line of products from Evologie, including the stay clear cleanser, intensive blemish serum, and stay clear cream.
YS3 COMPLEX is what makes Evologie Stay Clear pimple treatment products different and makes them more effective and efficient than any skin care products you may have used!
YS3 Complex is a revolutionary delivery system that addresses the multiple causes and complications associated with pimples and blemishes.
To prevent repeated breakouts it is essntial not only to deliver blemish-fighting agents deep within skin layers, but also to hydrate dry skin in order to heal, strengthen, and safeguard its natural protective barrier.
It was the relentless research and collaboration by Dr. Robert Nagel, Dr. Gary Weinberger, and Chemist, Richard A. Brown, that yielded this revolutionary, patent-pending solution.
What they say: Cleanser - Deep cleansing, non-drying formulation containing antibacterial agents that unclog pores, remove oil, and washes away acne causing bacteria and debris. Serum - Doctor developed, patent-pending, formulation deeply penetrated the skin to quickly clear the blemishes at the source. Cream - Intensifies your skins healing power to prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear and looking great. Reduces the appearance of spots and post acne scars.
What I say: Again, I didnt see a major difference in my skin, I do like the cleanser, the spot treatment wasnt amazing, and the cream made my skin feel kind of dry and..I dont know just weird..almost like it didnt get absorbed, and it left a coating on my skin. I still use the cleanser most days, its not over drying, its not too harsh, and it does seem to do something good for my skin, but not as good results as the site says. (as most companies do, im sure they used the best stories to post on their site) I use the cleanser with my clarisonic, and its not too harsh for my skin, I actually prefer to use it with the clarisonic, sometimes I feel like it doesnt get my face as clean without. The major thing about these products is the price! Cleanser - $32 for 5 oz. Serum - $35 for .5 oz. Cream - $62 for 1 oz. That is pretty expensive when buying all three together! (they do offer an introductory kit for $106, but the serum is less than half the size, so youre not saving much money at all!) I probably wouldnt buy all three products again, if anything I would buy the cleanser, but as for the other products, I probably wouldnt buy again.
Fnial thoughts: Over priced for me, not amazingly effective on my skin, but I do like the cleanser. Again, with the right spot treatment and moisturizer, I could consider repurchasing.
You can find out more about Evologie products, and buy them here.

And the final product I want to talk about is Bare Body Soaps Organics.
At Bare Body Soaps Organics "we care for whats bare." In a quest for a more natural and healthy way of life, the companies founfer, Roseanne Muncy, became conscious of minimizing the toxins her family was exposed to. Inspired by the clean air, the blue skies, and the wide open spaces surrounding her home in rural Wyoming, she began making organiz soap to provide high-quality, non-toxic skin care. Roseanne handcrafts affordable and luxurious soaps with certified organic oils, essential oils, and botanicals to produce vegan and cruelty-free soaps using the cold-process method of soap making. Bare Body Soaps Organics is committed to the envitonment, using sustainable and fair-trade ingredients and eco-friendly packaging made from recycled paper. Nourish your skin with organic soaps and feel the difference.
The soap I tried from them is the Organic French Green Clay Soap.
First of  all, I LOVE handmade, organic products. Ive mentioned a few times recently Ive been trying a lot of new organic products. And I love supporting small businesses! Especially people who make and sell handmade things!
What they say: Luxurious clay draws toxins out of your skin, tightens pores, tones the skin, gently exfoliates, and reduces inflamation from acne. It helps to promote blood flow and increase circulation. This soap is best used on oily skin as it is great at absorbing excess oil.
What I say: I love this soap! Since I only use this on my face, this bar will last me a pretty long time. Ive used it alone, and Ive also tried using my clarisonic with it. I like it both ways! (I rub it on my skin and get a thin layer over my face then run the clarisonic over it, i dont apply it to the clarisonic itself.) I can definitely see a difference in my skin, my blemishes I had cleared up pretty quickly after starting use of this soap. It does leave my skin a little dry after, when using it every day, but thats nothing a little moisturizer cant fix! Its super affordable! Only $6 for a 4 oz. bar. (there is a $6 flat rate shipping fee, but thats not a big deal it you buy a few at once, or try out a few other products they offer) I definitely plan on buying this soap again in the future! and probably get something for my dad too! (he has a skin condition called psoriasis, and there are a lot of natural soaps that are good for that!) BTW they only ship to the US! & to keep soaps longer lasting, let dry after each use! (if you leave it in the wet shower, or in a soap dish, the water will soften the soap, which will make it disappear pretty fast!)
Final thoughts: Great soap, my new favorite! Works really well for my skin, as long as accompanied by a good moisturizer to keep my skin from over-drying. Really affordable, and long lasting. I will definitely be repurchasing this soap!
You can find more about Bare Body Soaps Organics products, and buy them from here.

So to recap them all, I chose the Bare Basics Clay Soap as my new favorite, and best deal! And I would say as for effectiveness, the Merlot and Evologie cleansers are about the same, but the Merlot is a little cheaper! Feel free to check out these products and let me know how they worked for you and if you like them or now!

Remember guys, this is just my experiences and what has and has not worked for my skin! You may have different results! Feel free to share your experiences with me!

The products in this review were provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased. Product photos from product websites. I own copyright to all content on this page, unless otherwise stated. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ulta Super Blender Sponge Review

Im sure by now you all have heard about the Beauty Blender. And Im sure you know that they are pretty expensive.
For those who dont know what the beauty blender is..
Basically, its an egg shaped sponge designed by a top Hollywood makeup artist. It is made from latex-free and non-allergenic material. It has a pointed end to get around nose and eyes, and a rounder end for the rest of the face. Its a sponge with super tiny holes, you can use it wet or dry, and it applies makeup a million times better than fingers, brushes, or those disposable sponges. Everyone has been ranting and raving about them for a while now. They cost about $20 for one, without cleanser.
I personally have never used one. Ive been wanting to check them out for a while now, but have been skeptical to spend $20+ for the sponge and cleanser. I almost caved, but decided to check out some other products first. So I cant really give you a review on them, but you can find reviews for them all over the internet!

While browsing Ulta, however, I came across a product extremely similar! This is the Super Blender Sponge.
It looks a lot like the Beauty blender, but its got a more ergonomic design, instead of being egg-shaped, it has a little indent that fits perfectly in your hand. Its made from what looks like the same material. Some of the reviews on the site said it was rough on their skin and that it was a disposable sponge. But I find it to be very soft and spongey, and not rough at all! not even for sensitive skin. And I see nowhere written that its disposable, actually the site says to reuse wash with mild soap. So its actually reusable! And the amazing thing is you can get it at Ulta for only $5! Thats 1/4 of the price of the beauty blender!

While I still want to check out the beauty blender (and when I do I will definitely update this and let you know if its any more similar or not!) Im sure I will be using the cheaper alternative!

Also, I wanted to add that you can find similar products for even cheaper on Amazon and such sites, but I wouldnt fall for that, because on Amazon you never know what youre ordering! You could be buying something made from a material that is harmful to your skin. It may only cost $1 but you could be doing a lot of harm to yourself and your skin! So I would definitely stick to a product like the Ulta Super Blender Sponge, because you know you can trust a store like ulta to make products safe for your skin!

So for those wanting to check out the Beauty Blender, but not wanting to fork out a whole lot of money, I definitely suggest trying out the Ulta Super Blender Sponge first!

The products in this review were not provided to me for the purpose of writing a review, I purchased this product myself. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased. I own copyright to all content on this page, unless otherwise stated. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

After Shower Routine!

Its been a while since Ive done one of these, and my routine has changed a little I decided to go ahead and do a new one!

So, since Ive been trying a lot of new products lately my shower routine is never the same, thats why Im skipping the shampoo/conditioner/etc part, and skipping right to my after shower routine.

In the shower, of course, I shampoo and condition my hair. Wash my face, body, etc..
So once I get out of the shower, after drying off, the first thing I do is:

- Tone
The toner Im using right now is the Merlot Skin Care Hydrating Toner.
A lot of people dont do this step after cleansing, and really by skipping this step, youre pretty much only getting half as clean. Toners help clean pores and prep skin for deep moisture. Put your toner on a cotton ball or cotton round and just wipe it over your face. (some toners recommend circular motions, some upward motions, just check your bottle for your recommended directions) Youll see on the cotton all of the gunk thats left on your skin and in your pores after cleansing alone.
If you use a clarisonic or an exfoliating cleanser you might not notice a lot, but its still important to tone. If you dont use a makeup remover before cleansing, youll see a lot of the makeup will show up on the cotton when toning, so for me its a must!
Benefits of this toner:

  • Refreshes skin.
  • Purifies and clarifies skin.
  • Alcohol free.
  • For all skin types.
  • Helps boost skins tone after cleansing.

- Hydrate
The moisturizer I use is actually a body lotion. I use the Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion.
I have Haha. My skin is typically really oily, but with dry spots usually around my mouth, chin, and eyes. So when I would moisturize the dry spots would be fine, but the rest would get really oily. But if I used one for oily skin I found that it didnt do much for the dry spots, so I could never win!
So recently, Ive been checking out new moisturizers, and the one that I found worked really well for me was the Peter Thomas Roth body lotion.
This lotion is rich with vitamin C, E, and pro vitamin B5. It leaves my skin so soft, smooth, and feels really moisturized, which is something I havent really seen with other moisturizers.

Next I move to my hair. I used to use all Redken Extreme products, but Ive been looking for other cheaper products lately, because I feel like I go through them so fast and theyre a little on the pricey side.

So lately Ive been using a the Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum and Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Creme.
I know I just said Redken is a little pricey, but I had this in my closet for a while and Ive been trying to use up products I have before I go buy new stuff! So I use a couple of drops of this, spread that throughout my hair then use a small amount of the finishing creme. The finishing creme says to use it on dry hair, but I tried it on wet hair, and I like it. It seems a little to thick to me to use on dry hair. So then I just brush that through and blow it dry using my Sedu Revolution 4000i. (click <- to see my review on that!)
Then once its dry, I apply a small amount of the Bedhead After Party Finishing Cream.
This stuff seriously makes your hair so soft and silky smooth! I love it! So I just finger comb that through my hair, focus mainly on the ends of my hair. Then I straighten it using my Karmin Titanium 1" Flat Iron. (which I could have sworn I had a review on, but I cant find the link right now D: Ill get that up asap!)

And that pretty much all I do after my shower. I know theres probably more I should do, like body lotion and whatever, but I never really feel the need to do that. Maybe a little hand lotion every once in a while, but thats about it!
If you guys have tried any of these products and want to share your thoughts, or if you want to share your after shower routine please feel free to comment below! I love seeing what other people do!

This is not a sponsored post. Some products were given to me to write reviews for, others were purchased by me! All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased. Product photos are from product websites. I own copyright to all content on this page, unless otherwise stated. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Natural Bliss

If youve been following me for a while, you might know that lately Ive been getting more into all natural, organic products. You might also know that Ive been struggling with skin problems (oily/acne prone skin with some dry spots) for years. Ive tried so many products to try to clear up my skin. Ill find something that works for a month or so, then my skin gets used to it and just stops working.

I recently started using a product from this really great company Natural Bliss.
Natural Bliss natural skin care products are handmade using the highest quality of organic ingredients. We focus on healing and protecting the skin, by using organic  virgin vegetable oils and butters, essential oils and botanicals in their products. Natural Bliss stays away from synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, detergents and petrochemicals. Nevertheless, we still create simple, beautiful and sweet smelling products for a spa like experience at home. Let your skin truly experience the amazing wonders of mother earth and love! 
The really cool thing about Natural Bliss is that you can buy sample sizes of all of their products, so you can check out a few different products and find out which you like best then buy that..The sample sizes are pretty decent sizes, its not like those tiny little one time use samples most companies send out, its enough to use for days, maybe even a couple of weeks, depending on how often you use it.. Theyre also priced really well in my opinion.

The product Ive been using is their Kaolin Powder Scrub. Ive never used a powder scrub before, so I wasnt sure how it would work or if I would even like it, but I was excited to try it! I love trying new things.
(I also got a few other things from them, Ill post those reviews later)
Its suitable for sensitive, dry, mature, and acne prone skin types. It contains kaolin clay, botanicals and pure essential oils; which reduces redness and itching, calms irritation, treats broken capillaries without drying the skin.
You mix some of the powder scrub with water or other liquid (i dont know what other kind of liquid you could use, I just use water) mix it up in the palm of your hand to create a paste, then just scrub it around your face in little circular motions. Theres a little texture in the powder, which I love because you can feel it exfoliating your skin.
I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I love the way it feels on my skin, I love the way it makes my skin feel, and since I started using it, Ive noticed an improvement in my skin!
Before I started using this, my skin was extremely dry but still oily and I was getting breakouts pretty regularly. I started using this, then moisturizing with a Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer, and my skin has been feeling and looking soo much better! Normally my skin gets oily again within a few hours of washing, but this kept my skin clean and oil free for most of the day!
This scrub is definitely going to be part of my routine for a while!

You can get Natural Bliss products on their site,
The scrub sample 1 oz. jar is $2.75, or you can get the full size 4 oz. jar for $11.

The products in this review were provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased. Product photos from I own copyright to all content on this page, unless otherwise stated. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

L'oreal EverSleek Review

Im always looking for really good quality drug store brands. Especially hair care products. So I like to try new ones often. Theres been som really good, some alright, and veryy often the downright bad!
Some of my favorite drug store brands are Garnier Fructis, a few products from Pantene, and John Frieda.

Today I tried a new product I expected to really like. And that is

L'oreal EverSleek - Sulfate Free Smoothing System.

In the eversleek line, I think, there are 11 products. Two different kinds of shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in creme, super sleek intense serum, finishing creme, frizz taming serum, and precision oil treatment.
(I could be wrong about this, Im going off what I see on the L'oreal website, which is a little weird to look at the product line)
I tried the Intense Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Humidity Defying Leave-In Creme.


When I tried used this shampoo, I really didnt even feel like it was cleaning my hair. I had hardly any product in my hair, nothing that causes build up. But this shampoo felt like I was washing out hairspray, and it wasnt doing a good job. It left my hair feeling kind of dry after rinsing. NOT a shampoo I would buy again.
I think the shampoo costs around $7. 


This conditioner was really thick, it felt like it wasnt going to do much for my hair, especially after what I saw with the shampoo. However, I actually liked the way my hair felt after I rinsed. I left it on for a few minutes while I washed my body, probably 2-3 min. It rinsed pretty clean and my hair felt pretty soft after. I might buy this conditioner again.
The conditioner costs the same as the shampoo, around $7.

Leave-In Creme.

As I was putting this on my towel dried hair, I thought I was going to love it. It felt pretty smooth, not sticky, not oil. I ran it through the ends of my hair and up the length of my hair a little, but didnt apply much to the roots of my hair. I brushed it through and started blow drying my hair. It felt like it was taking a little long to blow dry, normally my hair dries pretty quick with my Sedu Revolution 4000i. I put the blow dryer and brush down for a minute and was absolutely disgusted with what I found. I ran my fingers through my hair and felt greasy, built up just gross feeling hair. It felt like I applied a million products to my hair and didnt wash it for a week. Im not even exaggerating. This stuff made my hair feel so disgusting. I literally had to go wash my hair again! I will NEVER buy this product again!
The leave in creme costs $9.

If I had to rate the line based on the products I tried I would rate it a 2 out of 5. And thats only because the conditioner I tried was pretty good, the price isnt bad on some of the products, and theres about 8 other products in the line I didnt try. 

The products in this review were not provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blum Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes: Review

I talk about how to apply makeup all the time, but what Im focusing on today is how to take it off!

Ive tried so many different makeup removers! From wipes, to pads, to so many cleansers & more. 
Out of all the different options out there, my favorite thing to use to remove my makeup is definitely makeup remover wipes. 
Ive tried a bunch of different brands. Neutrogena, Garnier, Yes To Cucumbers,  store brands like Walmart and Target, etc. 
But, none of them have been  the best. I did like the Neutrogena, but I recently tried some that I like much more!
Blum Naturals is a new line of natural skin care products developed by Jean Pierre Cosmetics. Blum is built on the simple things in life, and uses ingredients found only in nature!
Ive been checking out a lot of organic, all natural products lately. So when I got these makeup wipes I was very excited to check them out!

Blum's products are developed primarily produced in Isreal and the US. Their manufacturing processes are natural, energy efficient, and environmentally conscious. They remain committed to the environment with recycled and recyclable packaging and use soy ink when possible for printing!
That is HUGE for me, being a vegetarian, a fan of all natural products & an environmental enthusiast. Anything to help the environment & the world, count me in!

Blum offers a bunch of great products such as facial cleansers, eye makeup removers, femanin cleansing and intimate wipes; but what Im gonna focus on today is the cleansing and makeup remover wipes.
On the left is their Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes. They contain organic chamomile extract, which soothes and regenerates itchy, flaky, and dried skin for a smooth and healthy glow.
These wipes are super soft and gentle on the face. They smell so good! And they effectively remove pretty much all of my makeup. The only thing they had a little trouble with was mascara, but mascara is sooo hard to get off! They left my skin feeling really soft. 

On the right is the Daily Exfoliating Towelettes. They contain organic orange peel extract, which naturally exfoliates the skin for a fresh look and feel.
They have little microbeads on them, which exfoliates your skin as its removing makeup, dirt & oil. They remove the makeup just as good, maybe even a little better, than the other ones. You really feel like youre exfoliating your face, and it feels so good. This might be a little rough for some people, but for me its not to bad. The one side if soft, so its gentle enough for around the eyes. They also leave my skin feeling soft, but not as soft as the other.
I used one wipe on one side of my face, and the other on the other, so you could see the difference. Really the only difference here is the lighting. (sorry) They both removed all of my makeup. As you can see above, I have eyeshadow, liquid liner, and mascara on. (as well as all of the rest of my makeup) And both wipes removed it all. I even used them on my lips to remove my lip stain and gloss. The sensitive skin one made my lips feel really nice, but the exfoliating one felt a little rough on my lips.
Here you can see all of the makeup that they took off my face! I only used each one on one half of my face, so they might not have taken everything off as easily if I used one for my entire face. I use one every day, and they do remove everything. But I always wash my face after with a facial cleanser and my Clarisonic, which removes anything left behind. So I do recommend using a cleaner after to actually cleanse your face. I have problematic skin, so I cant just use a makeup remover wipe, even if it says theyre for cleansing. 

One thing I do have to mention that I didnt like about these, however..The packaging they come in is now the best. The exfoliating one doesnt clip closed, and Im sure they would dry out pretty fast. So I left the little sticker seal on both of them to ensure they stay moist! This is a problem Ive found in all makeup remover wipes in this type of packaging though. 

These wipes are also available for combination/oily skin, normal skin, and aging skin. Each contains 30 towelettes. They cost around $7.50.
You can find Blum Naturals products at Whole Foods,, or go to to find other places!

The products in this review were provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased. Product photos from, other photos from myself. I own copyright to all content on this page, unless otherwise stated. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

By now, Im sure youve heard of the Beauty Box.
I had heard of it a while ago, but never put too much thought into checking it out..but they recently sent me a sample month, so I decided to review it for you guys and see if its worth it.

First, a little about the box.
Once a month youll get a little box with 4-5 samples in it. The samples could be makeup, skin care products, hair care products, fragrances, etc. Sometimes youll get a small full sized product, but mostly just sample sizes of things. Then if you like the products, or want to find out more you can find information and even buy right from the Beauty Box website. 

They offer 3 different pricing options. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 
Monthly, they will charge you $12 once a month, every month (costing you a total of $144 in one year). 
Quarterly, they will charger you $30 four times a year (costing you a total of $120 a year). 
And lastly, yearly, for $100 you will only be charged once a year. 
So the yearly option is the best deal, but youll need to pay $100 all at once, rather than broken down into 4 or 12 payments. 

Now whats inside.
My box has the following products in it. (Ill do full reviews on some of the products if you want, let me know what you want to see reviewed)
-Lash Card. Comes with 2 individually wrapped disposable mascara shields.
Honestly, pointless in my opinion. I dont have a problem applying mascara, and I actually found it harder to apply mascara while using this! - $6.99 for one pack of 10 cards. 
-H Wood Beauty Lip stick in Rose. I think this is a full size lipstick.
I couldnt find on the website the size of the full size product, but if this is a sample size, its a big sample! I havent really tried this product, I put it on like twice just to check it out. I like it, the color is pretty, but it doesnt go on very opaque. it just gives a light tint of color. It goes on smooth though. - $16 for the full size.
-Evie Evan Moisture Creme. Full size Mini moisture creme.
I havent used this at all yet, so I cant say whether or not I like it, but I can say that it smells like bug spray. So Im kind of grossed out about that.. It looks like its the same size as the Mini moisture creme available on the website. - Mini .5 oz $13, Full 2 oz $41.
-Everyday Mineral blush in Girl Friday. Might be full size mini.
I havent actually worn this blush yet, but I swatched it and checked it out a little. But I really like it so far, I like the color, and it goes on really smooth. I dont usually like loose powders, but I really liked this one so far. The site doesnt have sizes, but they do sell a mini, so this might be the mini size available. - Mini $6.99 Big $10.99 -
-MaskerAide Beauty Rest'ore hydrating facial sheet mask. 1 mask.
I actually forgot about this, so I just put it on. I had a hard time getting it on my face right..the openings are too big or something, and it feels like its sliding down my face. The price seems steep for one mask in my opinion..and Im not a fan of the product. I much prefer a regular mask, and I think Ill stick to my Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Masque for now. - $4.99 for one individually wrapped mask.

So is it worth it? I think it is, if this is how the samples are every month, it is definitely worth it. These are big samples, and looking at the prices for $12 a month, it is definitely worth it! Especially if youre like me, and love to try out new products all the time. :)

To buy your beauty box subscription, or for more information go to

The products in this review was provided to me for the purpose of writing a review on the BeautyBox5, not the products themselves. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased.

Friday, February 22, 2013

B A STAR! - makeup review

Hello beautiful!

Ive been getting so backed up on blogging, its ridiculous! Sorry for the delays :/ I found these products at the bottom of my pile of products waiting to be reviewed. I actually hadnt tried them out until today! 

BA STAR is actually a company that makes makeup designed for dancer and cheerleaders. Their products are also great for some costume looks..and I think they have quite a few products that you could use for every day too!
Because the products are designed for dance they are really well pigmented, and last super long through sweat and everything! Most are very glittery, which is why I think they could be good for costume, but only some for every day..but with dance being so popular right now (dance moms and shows like that have made dance verrryy popular) I figured Id go ahead and review this stuff anyway! :D

Pretty much everything on the site seems to be around $8-$9 (except for kits with more than one product)..butttt since its for dance, they have great deals for buying in bulk for if you buy 6 or more theyre only $5 each! (im not sure if that works if you buy 6 or more in different colors, or if you have to buy all 6 in the same color, i imagine you would have to buy the same.. ill check on that though)

I didnt get the chance to check out all the products I wanted the blush, bronzer, liner/mascara, and high pigmented shadows..but heres some that I id get to try:
(Heres a swatch of the shadows separately and blended)
These are the Natural and Smokey shadow palettes. They also come in pink and blue. These are NOT like regular eyeshadows. You cant tell that well from the pictures but these are very shimmery and have a lot of glitter in them. They have three shadows (first 3 on the left) and two glitter gels (last 2 on the right) These shadows are suuuuper well pigmented, super smooth, and actually have really nice color payoff. They go on like butter and blend better than almost any eyeshadow Ive ever used. If you love shimmery shadows you will LOVE these. Theyre actually really cheap too! $8.75. ($5 each if you buy 6 or more!)
(Heres a swatch of the glitters over the glue)
This is their Glitter Glue and Loose Glitter. The glue can be used under glitter or eye shadow. Its sweat resistant and long lasting. The glitter is suuuuper fine. It can be used on body, face and hair. Works best over glue, but doesnt have to be. The glitters are available in tons of colors. The glue and glitter are sold separately, for $8.75 each. ($5 each if you buy 6 or more)
The glitter kind of made a mess, but all glitter kid of does. I also checked to see how easily it comes off, most wiped off fairly easily with just a towel, then i loosened the glue with some makeup remover and wiped it clean with the towel. There is glitter all over everything now, but thats okay! :P

They also sell bags, glitter stickers and hair bead things and custom kits you can select the colors or products you need for your team. Everything is priced really well! If you have a studio or dance team you can request free samples. All orders over $50 ship for free, and all orders ship within 24 hours. You can see all products mentioned and much more at

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