Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blum Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes: Review

I talk about how to apply makeup all the time, but what Im focusing on today is how to take it off!

Ive tried so many different makeup removers! From wipes, to pads, to so many cleansers & more. 
Out of all the different options out there, my favorite thing to use to remove my makeup is definitely makeup remover wipes. 
Ive tried a bunch of different brands. Neutrogena, Garnier, Yes To Cucumbers,  store brands like Walmart and Target, etc. 
But, none of them have been  the best. I did like the Neutrogena, but I recently tried some that I like much more!
Blum Naturals is a new line of natural skin care products developed by Jean Pierre Cosmetics. Blum is built on the simple things in life, and uses ingredients found only in nature!
Ive been checking out a lot of organic, all natural products lately. So when I got these makeup wipes I was very excited to check them out!

Blum's products are developed primarily produced in Isreal and the US. Their manufacturing processes are natural, energy efficient, and environmentally conscious. They remain committed to the environment with recycled and recyclable packaging and use soy ink when possible for printing!
That is HUGE for me, being a vegetarian, a fan of all natural products & an environmental enthusiast. Anything to help the environment & the world, count me in!

Blum offers a bunch of great products such as facial cleansers, eye makeup removers, femanin cleansing and intimate wipes; but what Im gonna focus on today is the cleansing and makeup remover wipes.
On the left is their Daily Dry/Sensitive Skin Towelettes. They contain organic chamomile extract, which soothes and regenerates itchy, flaky, and dried skin for a smooth and healthy glow.
These wipes are super soft and gentle on the face. They smell so good! And they effectively remove pretty much all of my makeup. The only thing they had a little trouble with was mascara, but mascara is sooo hard to get off! They left my skin feeling really soft. 

On the right is the Daily Exfoliating Towelettes. They contain organic orange peel extract, which naturally exfoliates the skin for a fresh look and feel.
They have little microbeads on them, which exfoliates your skin as its removing makeup, dirt & oil. They remove the makeup just as good, maybe even a little better, than the other ones. You really feel like youre exfoliating your face, and it feels so good. This might be a little rough for some people, but for me its not to bad. The one side if soft, so its gentle enough for around the eyes. They also leave my skin feeling soft, but not as soft as the other.
I used one wipe on one side of my face, and the other on the other, so you could see the difference. Really the only difference here is the lighting. (sorry) They both removed all of my makeup. As you can see above, I have eyeshadow, liquid liner, and mascara on. (as well as all of the rest of my makeup) And both wipes removed it all. I even used them on my lips to remove my lip stain and gloss. The sensitive skin one made my lips feel really nice, but the exfoliating one felt a little rough on my lips.
Here you can see all of the makeup that they took off my face! I only used each one on one half of my face, so they might not have taken everything off as easily if I used one for my entire face. I use one every day, and they do remove everything. But I always wash my face after with a facial cleanser and my Clarisonic, which removes anything left behind. So I do recommend using a cleaner after to actually cleanse your face. I have problematic skin, so I cant just use a makeup remover wipe, even if it says theyre for cleansing. 

One thing I do have to mention that I didnt like about these, however..The packaging they come in is now the best. The exfoliating one doesnt clip closed, and Im sure they would dry out pretty fast. So I left the little sticker seal on both of them to ensure they stay moist! This is a problem Ive found in all makeup remover wipes in this type of packaging though. 

These wipes are also available for combination/oily skin, normal skin, and aging skin. Each contains 30 towelettes. They cost around $7.50.
You can find Blum Naturals products at Whole Foods,, or go to to find other places!

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