Thursday, October 25, 2012

Frederick Benjamin Grooming

I got these products from
First I wanna talk about the trouble I had with shipping.
It took about an extra week for me to actually get the package..they shipped with FedEx, signature required. Well, I wasnt available when they first shipped, so I signed the little paper they left on the door, and put it back on the door for them to deliver the next day. The next day, they never knocked, and didnt leave the package. They checked the second attempt box, but didnt actually attempt to deliver. I was home, but since they didnt knock I didnt even know they came. This happened two days in a row, The next day I was out fishing with my dad, so I told my sister theyre coming answer the door and sign for me. I left the paper off the door..they never even came! But I got an email saying they did. At this point I was just so fed up I sent FedEx an angry email. I left the paper on the door saying deliver the stupid package, and they still didnt. So finally Ill skip ahead to when I finally got it..
They sent it in a box that was about three times too big..for two little bottles..they didnt put any bubble wrap or anything in the box, so of course, the shampoo opened, and leaked in the box.
In case you didnt know, I was extremely irritated at this point.
Now that my shipping troubles are over Ill tell you about the product..
This is the Frederick Benjamin shampoo & conditioner.
Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo gently detoxifies the scalp and hair without stripping; and Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Cleanser Conditioner replenishes moisture to restore softness and elasticity. 
Born out of the desire to find products that are not excessively drying, overly-fragranced and /or greasy and heavy; we have set out to create a premium grooming line that fuses the power of natural ingredients with the art of science.

After getting over the initial anger of shipping, I finally tried the product.
My first thoughts:

  • Convenient pump on the shampoo.
  • Smells good.
  • Feels okay on my scalp..

Second thoughts:

  • Starting to tingle..
  • Rinses okay, but doesnt leave my hair feeling super soft and clean

Final thoughts:

  • Felt like I was washing my hair with toothpaste.
  • If you use it in the morning it kind of wakes you up..
  • Really cleans your hair and gets rid of any build up.

All in all, for $12 each, Id rather stick with my favorite..Redken Extreme. If it was a little cheaper I might buy it again. But for now Ill keep it for special occasions when I need to get a deep clean and get rid of the built up hair spray and junk..

FTC Disclaimer: I received these products for free as a part of the Folica Review Program but the views and opinions are that of my own.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

No More Nude!

Since I really havent been posting lately, and Im sitting here on the computer, I decided to do a quick "Look of the Day" post :)
Today is honestly the first day Ive done my makeup in like two weeks. My skin has been very sensitive lately, and has been breaking out so easily, so Ive just been giving it a break.

Ive been in a nude rut lately, doing a subtle eye, subtle lip, subtle cheek, everything. Ive been using light browns on my eyes, with just a bit of mascara, and calling it a day.
Well, I got bored with that; and decided to put some color on my eyes!
I know its nothing crazy, but its a big change from the usual.

How I got the look:
What I used:

How to Do It:

  • Apply Primer, then foundation, then powder.
  • Apply bronzer under cheekbone, and slightly up around sides of face. This will create the illusion of a more slender face, if your face is rounder. (you can also apply a little under your jawline and down the sides of your neck to elongate your neck and reduce the look of a double chin)
  • Apply blush to apples of your cheeks and slightly curved up your cheekbones.
  • Take a little bit of 'virgin' from the naked palette for a little highlight just above your cheekbone.
Now for the eyes :)
  • I took a little bit of my black liner, applied it to the outer corner of my eye and slightly inward across my lash line. Then took a smudger brush and softened it out.
  • Then took some 'creep' and applies it on the outer corner of my eye.
  • Then I took 'gunmetal' and softened up the edges a little bit, blended over towards the middle of my lid, and blended it slightly in my crease.
  • Then I look 'virgin' again and applied it the the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone.
Make sure you blend them all together really well, or youll have stripy eyeshadow
  • Then I took my liner again and applied it to my water line and used my smudger brush again to soften it up along my lower lash line.
  • And with a small brush I softly applied 'gunmetal' under my eyes.
  • Then of course curled my lashes and applied a layer of LashGasm, then a layer of Theyre Real mascara.
  • I then finished it off by defining my browns with an angled brush and 'naked' shadow.
I know it looks like a lot of steps, but I promise you its really pretty quick and easy.

(I also curled my hair with the T3 Single Pass Whirl, click here for review. Let me know if you guys want a how-to on that!)

Friday, October 12, 2012

My experience with ProActive

Ive struggled with my skin for years. Ive tried so many things. Ive even gotten stuff from my doctor. Nothing ever seemed to work to clear up my skin, without over drying. Ive heard some really great things about proactive, all the commercials, although probably scripted, say when nothing else worked for them proactive did. 

So I saw the Walmart brand proactive for about half the advertised price. I did a little research on it, seeing if it was basically the same thing. Everything I found said it was the same ingredients, and everyone who used proactive said this stuff worked exactly the same. So I figured Id give it a try.

Initially, I loved how soft and smooth my face felt after using it. I was using all three steps morning and night. 

Now I have oily skin, mostly on my nose and forehead, and slightly on my cheekbone area. I tend to get breakouts around my jaw line. I have large pores mostly on my nose and cheekbone area. 
Like I said, Ive tried many many things, and while Ive somewhat controlled it, with a combination of products, its never gone completely away.

After a day or two, I noticed my face seemed to be getting oily again much faster than normal. Usually I can go most of the day after washing my face before it starts to get noticeably oily.
Another day or two, and I start noticing little bumps coming in on my forehead. Not zits or blemishes or anything, just bumps.

My best friend actually told me a few weeks before that she tried something from proactive and she started getting the same bumps on her forehead.

I also noticed anywhere that had blemishes before had become very very sensitive and tender to the touch. 

I didnt notice any drying out anywhere. I didnt notice really any improvement in blemishes or break outs. The only thing I noticed using this was increased oiliness and little breakout bumps on my forehead.

This is just MY experience with ProActive, or the off brand, Im not saying it doesnt work for anyone. Im sure there are people who it works great on. Im just not one of them.
Please feel free to share your experiences with proactive, or any skin care products that either worked or didnt work for you.

The product in this review was not provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. I purchased this product for my own personal use. I am simply sharing my experience with it. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased.