Monday, May 11, 2015

Sometimes I just need to vent..

Warning: This post contains lots of rambling.
          Today I saw an article my cousin had shared on Facebook. It talked about how your dogs might be getting older, their days growing shorter..and how we might not take the time needed to just sit with them, look them deep in their eyes and let them know how much we love them and how much they mean to us.
          This article touched me, not because it made me realize that I need to spend more time with my dogs, I get down on the floor with my babies every chance I get and just love them. But because it reminded me that there are people out there who forget that our dogs need just as much love and attention as the rest of the family.
          Reading this article, with tears in my eyes, also got me thinking. Thinking about all the dogs in shelters, especially the older doggies who are over looked because people don't want to adopt a dog who's days are numbered..they want a young pup who they can watch grow and learn.
          My heart is breaking for those poor babies stuck in shelters. Who spent their whole lives loving someone or some family.. only to be dropped at some shelter to spend their days confused and alone.
          Visiting local shelters to see the dogs (and donate much needed items, which I highly recommend everyone do from time to time!) is a common occurrence in my family. And I couldn't tell you how many dogs Ive seen cowering in a corner, terrified of everything. Or how many cards I've read that said the family just could no longer take care of them or they moved and can't bring the dog.. Just thinking about that now is getting me a little choked up.. I wish I could save them all and show them the love they deserve.
          I'm not sure the purpose of this post..or where I'm going with it.. I guess I just need somewhere to vent and express my thoughts. Maybe it will touch someone and they'll go adopt a dog in need and give it a forever home and unconditional love.. Most of all I just hope this will open someones eyes.
          If you have a dog, go hug it. Feed it a treat. Tell it you love it, it might not be able to understand the words, but I promise they can feel it. If you have the time and a few spare dollars, call your local shelter and ask what they need most, buy a bag of dog food or cat food, donate old sheets and towels, even a small donation of $20 is much appreciated.. Or if you're looking for a new fur baby, please adopt! And not just the cute little babies. Remember that older dogs need loving homes too. <3

Have a beautiful day.
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Scent Trunk Review

When it comes to anything beauty related, I'm the kind of person who loves to try new things. Whether it be new blushes and eye shadows, skincare products or nail polishes..I'll try anything once. But the one thing I always feel a little intimidated by is perfumes. I know absolutely nothing about them except that I like this and don't like that. So when I heard about Scent Trunk I was extremely excited!

Scent Trunk is a unique subscription service that allows you to customize your scent profile and have your perfect fragrances sent to you each month. And the coolest thing, I think, is that they don't just send you any old perfume sample, they give you exclusive fragrances from brands you can't find almost anywhere else!
When I first checked out scent trunk, they were only for men. But they recently added an option for women!

Scent Trunk was nice enough to send me a few samples to check out and share with you guys! The box is cute and little, and got to me in just a few days. Inside you'll find 3 sample size spray tubes inside a little velvety bag and information cards on each scent telling you what time of day and which seasons the scents are best in as well as a few other things about the scent.

For the Men's scents I just gave them a spritz & a whiff and will tell you what I think..I'm not brave enough to walk around with men's cologne on all day.  The scents in my box included:
Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors. - I found this scent to be quite pleasant. Not at all overpowering, which is good since the card tells you to use it liberally during the day and let it linger into the night. It has a good masculine scent but not like "lumberjack-y" so I think it would suit most men pretty well.
Blood Sweat Tears by Aterlier de Geste. - This was my least favorite scent out of the trio. The card describes it as pungent yet sweet and hypnotic. But to me it smells like an old church. I probably wouldn't recommend this scent to anyone I'd have to be around all day. Hahah
Cyber Garden by CoStume National. - This is probably my favorite scent in the reminds me somewhat of a cologne I've smelled before (that i don't know the name of) but is completely its own scent. I wouldn't mind smelling it on a man. :P

The women's scnets (since I'm a woman!) I actually got to try out and wear to get an idea of how I like them. I didn't take the personalization test to find my perfect scents, so these were just random scents. The scents in the women's box included:
Safanad by Parfumes de Marly. - I really like this scent, it's probably my favorite out of the three. It doesn't smell like something I'd typically wear (but thats one of the great things about Scent Trunk, you can try all different things you wouldnt normally wear!) It kind of has a sophisticated, older woman quality about it. Like something a middle aged professional business woman type would wear. (And I mean that in a good way.)
Panda by Zoologist. - I'm not really a fan of this one. The scent reminds me of a Chinese restaurant. Which kind of makes sense because it says it has the scent of bamboo and zisu leaves. It's not bad, but I wouldn't personally wear it.
Pauline by Rance1795. - I'm not sure if I really like this one or not. It has a familiarity to it that I can't quite pinpoint, but theres also something about it that I'm not really that into..

I didn't find any of the scents to be horrible, but there were a few that I wouldn't personally wear. But the good thing about it is you can go on the site and personalize your subscription so you will get the scents you like.

To find out more about Scent Trunk and visit Also you can use the code NICHE25 for 25% off your first box! Offer expired May 15.

Have a beautiful day.
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