Thursday, September 1, 2011

The New Extreme.

Recently I got the entire Extreme Line by Redken.
I could not wait to use this stuff! Its new formula is Interlock Protein Network for distressed, damaged or chemically/mechanically weakened hair types.
Which is def my hair! The fact sheets Redken sent me say:
"Extreme haircare collection, reformulated with Redken's Fortifying Complex and Interlock Protein Network (IPN) features advanced strengthening and repair to destressed hair for healthier-looking, resilient hair. Extreme with IPN now delivers 96% stronger hair plus 73% reduction in breakage."
What?! Thats amazing! Thats exactly what I need!

I went through a phase in my life where I treated my hair horribly.
I would bleach it 3 times to get it to super blonde, then dye it blue/green. Then bleach it again and throw a different color in there. Go back to black, then blonde, then black, then add blonde with the black.
It was seriously so bad! And not to mention I straightened it every day.
So basically, my hair went from: Extremely long, almost to my butt, beautiful, healthy hair. to: barely shoulder length, thin, brittle, extremely dead hair. :(
But I hit a point where I realized my hair was unhealthy and needed to stop.
And I realize now as Im typing this, it sounds like my hair-dying was an addiction and i put myself through hair-rehab baha.
so, I stopped dying it, stopped straightening it, and started cutting it. i cut off all the deadness, and let it grow healthily. And now my hair is back to its long healthy beautiful-ness.

But basically, its products like this, i wish i had when my hair was disgusting.
But even now, I dont get my hair cut every 6 weeks or whatev most people do, Im lucky to get it done every 6 months, unless i do it myself..
And I do straighten it prob 2-3 times a week. So its not in the best shape. Then ends are a little dry/dead.
So this product is AMAZING to me!

I tried it once, and my hair was sosososo soft! It just felt healthier. And looked shinier and prettier.
After using it every time i wash my hair, i definitely notice a difference.
I use the shampoo and conditioner every day, but occasionally swap the conditioner for the strength builder or the strength builder plus. And 2-3 times a week Ill also use the anti-snap.

the whole line is about $91, depending on where you get it at. Unfortunately you cant buy it at, but there you can find a salon near you which does sell it.
Most Sallys and Ultas sell redken products.

Now Im gonna talk a little about the products themselves.
Theres a total of 6 products.
The shampoo, conditioner, anti-snap, CAT, strength buolder, and strength builder plus.
Shampoo - basically just a really good shampoo, nothing super special about it, it just works really well.
suggested retail price is $13.50 (10.1 oz)
Conditioner - same thing, nothing crazy about it, it just works amazingly and leaves your hair so soft and shiny.
suggested retail price is $15.50 (8.5 oz)
Anti-Snap - this is a leave in treatment that provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing, and helps prevent breakage and split ends. this stuff is amazing. you apply it to towel dried hair and put it on the more fragile parts, then you can blow dry it and straighten it without having to use a heat protectant, because this is one, as well as leave in "conditioner" type product.
suggested retail price is $16 (8.5 oz)
CAT - a protein reconstructing treatment that, of course, reconstructs, reconditions, and adds immediate strength, without adding weight. you use this after shampooing, and before conditioning. its a spray bottle, so its easy to apply to hair.
suggested retail price is $15 (5 oz) - which isnt sounds like its so much more for so much less compared to the rest, but you really only use a little bit, so this will probably out last the rest of the products with normal use.
Strength Builder (& Strength Builder Plus) - basically, a stronger conditioner, that you leave on longer, which makes your hair so amazingly soft and healthy. it conditions and strengthens to the core of highly distressed hair.
suggested retail price is $15 and $17 for the plus (both 8.5 oz)

This is a really long post, and i apologize, but this is seriously my favorite haircare collection ever, and will def be buying again when i run out!!
i suggest you try it, and find out for yourself just how amazing this stuff works.
and btw, it smells really good too :)
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