Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feather Extension Giveaway?

So, feather extensions have become very popular, i was wondering who would be interested in me doing a "kit" including feathers and supplies to put them in yourself, as a giveaway. please let me know what you think! i will prob also do a bloggy on how to install (that doesnt sound like the right word to me, but idk what else to say so install? haha) them yourself and maybe even how to do them 100% yourself (buying feathers and all supplies) for super cheap!! :) so comment below or tweet me if youd be interested in this. also let me know other things you would be interested in for a giveaway. (sorry cant do an ipad or anything ridic like that. this stuff is coming out of my pocket) thanks guys :D and remember to follow my blog (here) and my twitter! (@MakeupByLaraLee) :)
I cant do any giveaways until I have 1500 followers on both! (And i will only giveaway to my followers)
so follow blog and twitter and tell your friends to also! post it on the internet everywhere and help me get followers! Once i get some followers ill do a bunch of giveaways! :)

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