Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Full Face Foundation Routine

1. Primer

I always start my face with a primer. I think it helps the makeup go on better and look better. I feel like I use less product when using a primer, and it helps the makeup stay on all day! Ive tried so many different primers.. from Smashbox, Too Faced, Laura Geller, Bare Minerals, to drug store brands, there have been some hits, and some misses..
My current favorite is the Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer. - $22.95 @ efficientliving.comI used to use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer, but I started working with the owner of GGB and he sent me their primer, which is comparable to the Too Faced one, but it's cheaper, and you get almost twice as much! Iits definitely my go-to primer now!
Im not a fan of brushes for applying primer or foundation, so I just use my clean fingers and apply a little bit all over my face!

2. Foundation

A lot of people conceal, then apply foundation, but I prefer to apply foundation, then conceal. I never really have to conceal blemishes or spots or anything, I really just do under my eyes, so I dont have to worry about perfectly matching my concealer to my foundation.
Ive never really tried any high-end foundations, Ive been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of one Ive tried and I literally can not think of any! I always buy drug store brand foundations! Until I tried this..
My favorite foundation right now is the Ahava Rich Foundation. - $23.95 @
(mine was sent to me from Ahava, but I cant find on their site where to buy the foundation!)
They also have a light foundation, but I cant use that because I need fuller coverage! But I absolutely love this stuff! Its made from active deadsea minerals, like all of their products, and it is free of oils and dyes, so its super good for your skin! And its great for me because I have oily skin, so anything oil-free is a must!
Again, I just use my fingers to apply this, I feel like brushes make it look streaky.

3. Concealer

Like I said earlier, all I only really conceal under my eyes, and I use a slightly lighter concealer just to brighten up under my eyes!
My favorite concealer is the Laura Geller The Real Deal Concealer. - $22 @
Ive never been a big fan of concealers, I felt like they always made my makeup look worse. Ive tried many high end, as well as drug store concealers, and just never really liked any. But this one I do really like for under my eyes.
I just use my beauty blender and lightly apply a little bit under my eyes and blend it out.

4. Powder

I go back and forth between using a translucent setting powder and a color powder.
So for my translucent powder I have been loving the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder. - $31 @
This has a weird spongey thing on the end that youre supposed to use to apply, but I think they give a weird application, so I just tap it around a few spots on my face then take a brush and kind of buff it out.
And for a color powder Ive been using the Ahava Compact Powder - $27.21 @
To apply, I just take a kabuki brush and press it into my foundation. Since I like a slightly lighter under eye, Ill just take a translucent powder and apply it there, and color powder everywhere else.

5. Bronzer

I can not go a day without using bronzer on my face, I feel like it adds so much more dimension to my face, and just pulls the whole look together. 
Lately Ive been using the Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer. - $24 @
I used to use an angled brush and do a more intense contouring, but lately Ive been using a bigger brush, like a fluffy foundation or blush brush, and just give a soft contouring effect under my cheek bones and around my temples, and slightly down my neck.

6. Blush

Im very picky with my blush, it cant have shimmer and it has to be the perfect color. I have oily skin, so anything shimmery will just make me look like a disco ball!
My every day blush lately has been the Revlon Matte Powder Blush in Perfectly Peach. - $8.48 @ Walmart or Target.
I just use another fluffy blush brush and apply that to my cheekbones and blend out soflty.

So, thats basically it for my every day full face routine. I try to use only matte products, and no highlight, like I said I have oily skin, dont want to look like a disco ball! Ive included links to all products I mentioned, so go ahead and check them out and let me know what you think of these products! 

Disclaimer: The ggb primer, ahava foundation, and ahava compact powder were sent to me for review, all other products were purchased by me! This is just the products I have currently been using and loving. No one is paying me to write this post!

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