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Top 3 week. Day 5: Moisturizers

Hi stunner,

Today is the conclusion of my week of Top 3's. I invite you to follow my blog so you can stay in tune for all of my upcoming posts! These are my own unbiased opinions based on my personal preference and experience. As always leave me your top 3 down in the comments! Todays top 3 is my 

Top 3 Moisturizers

This is another set that was really hard for me to chose the order of. I love all of these products for different reasons, and it wasnt easy for me to say which was better than another. Some of you who have been here a while may know that I have pretty problematic skin. I deal with breakouts and oily skin as well as dry patches in weird spots. Its always been hard for me to find moisturizers that dont leave my face feeling goopy and oily. Its actually really amazing that I have three and that it was even hard for me to pick an order for them! Without further ado, my top three..

3. My third pick for this set is the Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Night Cream. Lumene is a brand that you can find at drug stores, Target, Ulta, and many places online. I think this product is around $30 for 1.7 oz, which is pretty much on par with some other top brands you might find at ulta, but definitely more expensive than a lot of the stuff youll see at your drug stores. I know this is a night cream, but I use it in the morning as well. It hydrates my dry spots really well, without leaving the rest of my skin feeling oily and gross. It goes on smooth and feels pretty  nice. It also smells decent, which is never a bad thing. This product is also supposed to help with wrinkles, which I dont have yet because Im only 24, but it should help prevent them too! Which is always a plus!

2. The second spot goes to Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Sunscreen and Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer says that it is a sunscreen, and has SPF 15. (which really isnt that high for a facial sunscreen, id prefer something a bit higher if its supposed to last me all day!) I love how smooth this product goes on. It absorbs really well and doesnt leave my skin greasy at all, which is so important to me! I can put it on under my makeup and it protects my skin from the sun while leaving it smooth and hydrated! This is the cheapest product on my list, around $15 for 2.5 oz. so its affordable for most people! I enjoy the scent of this product, it smells clean and fresh, which matches perfectly how it makes my skin feel when I use it!

1. My final number one pick goes to Malibu C Vital Creme. Malibu C is probably my current favorite skin care brand, and this moisturizer is simply amazing! Malibu C is a company that aims to solve your problems using nature inspired technologies. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, fragrences, and all of the nasty things we dont want on our skin! Their products are also made in the US. This is what sets them above the rest for me. This moisturizer is the silkiest and smoothest of the group, and it leaves my skin feeling so soo nice. It will cost you about $40 for 3.4 oz. which I think is completely fair! In the winter the backs of my hands get really dry, so I often find myself using this for that purpose too, and it works amazingly! After just a day or two my dryness is solved and my skin feels soft and smooth again! I love this brand and really suggest that you all go check out their products. They have amazing things for your skin. And soon I plan on checking out their hair products too!

I really hope you enjoyed
this Top 3 series and look forward to another in the future! Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below for future Top 3 series!

Always stay humble & kind.

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