Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey guys, i just wanted to do a quick little update on these giveaways i keep talking about.
Well, Ive been working with a few companies to get some give aways together.
And Im getting the products together.
Once I get all the products, Im gonna figure out whats going with what and how many winners and all that goodness.
But I need something from you guys first.
These giveaways are gonna be for my followers ONLY.
So If you guys wanna have the chance to win some awesome things (absolutely free) you gotta follow my blog.
And another thing is a lot of companies want my follower numbers to be higher to actually send me things to give away. So I need everyone to follow.
So please help me get followers so we can get this thing going! :)

And I just wanted to thank those of you who followed me because you liked my blog and not just the free things! im setting these up so i can thank you guys!

so please follow this blog. (click "follow" at the top left side of the page)
and follow my twitter @MakeupByLaraLee or like my facebook page (if you dont have twitter)

and please tell your friends to do the same!
Ill post the official contest with rules as soon as i get everything together!
and thanks so much i love you guys :)

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