Thursday, January 26, 2012

My new favorite hair tool!

I have naturally curly hair, so Ive always craved pin straight hair.
When I was younger I absolutely hated my hair curly. I just never knew what to do with it.
So, I would straighten it every day..
But in the last few years Ive really grown to love my curly hair, and have been playing around with it.
Using some gel and leaving it naturally curly, as well as using styling tools like curling irons.

The one thing, however, I hated about curling my hair with an iron, is it takes forever, and I dont really love the type of curl you get with a curling iron.
So Ive been dying to get myself a curling wand, or clipless curling iron.

Weeellllll...I FINALLY GOT ONE! :)
Thanks to the Folica Review Program, I got the
The T3 SinglePass Whirl

The SinglePass Whirl allows you to quickly and easily create the gorgeous, natural looking waves you’ve always wanted.
This is by farrrr the easiest styling tool I have ever used, and even for beginners, its so simple to learn.
All you do is section off your hair, hold the wand vertically, and wrap your hair around it, away from your face.
You can either let the hair twist as you wrap, or straighten it out, depending on which look you prefer.
Its perfect for short and long hair.
And I cant tell you enough how simple this is to use.
With T3's single pass technology, you can get beautiful curls in literally minutes.
Rather than the hours you spend with a traditional curling iron or curlers.

I absolutely love the curls you get using this thing!
With a curling iron with the clip, it always flattens the curls, but you dont get that here. You get a natural looking spiral.
The secret to getting a perfectly professional finish is all in the technique: Section, Position, Wrap and Release your way to soft, sensuous results in seconds.

What I LOVE about this product:
- Adjustable heat.
- 9 Foot swivel cord.
- Tourmaline.
- Ionic
- Ceramic Infrared Energy.
- Tapered barrel.
- Single Pass
- Auto Off
- Cool tip, and heat resistant glove.

What I HATE about this product.
- I honestly cant think of anything I dont like, let alone hate, about this product.
(And that is my 100% honest opinion.)

You can buy this at,, or at your local Ulta or Sephora; for around $130.
To find out more about this, and other T3 products go to

FTC Disclaimer: I received these products for free as a part of the Folica Review Program but the views and opinions are that of my own.

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