Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5

Here is a list of my top five beauty products that I couldnt live without.

5. Im gonna cheat a little and have two products in one. Theyre kind of a set, but theyre sold separately. And they are:
Too Faced Primed & Poreless
Primer and Powder

Ive talked about these two before. I loooove these two together. They are seriously the perfect combo for perfect skin.
The primer goes on smooth and helps cover everything making your skin look gorgeous.
The powder is so soft, this on top of finished makeup, or just on top of the primer will make your skin baby soft. You wont wanna stop touching it.
They both go on clear, so theyre perfect for any skin type, no matter how light or dark.
4. My number four has got to beeee
Benefit Sugarbomb Blush

What they want you to do to apply this is swirl all four colors around and apply it, but what i do is take the top and right color shown in the picture above and apply the darker pink to the apple and the lighter as sort of a highlight, and it gives really nice color and looks perfect on my skin. But I always use a bronzer with this to really define my face, otherwise it looks unfinished.
3. Numero tres.
Jabot Glamour Lip gloss

This is my allllll time fav lip product. Its a lip plumping gloss. So it makes your lips nice and full and perfect. But its not super tingly like other plumping products. You can feel it, but your not gonna wanna wash it off. It feels kinda like chewing minty gum. And this is the smoothest silkiest lip gloss Ive ever used. The colors are gorgeous. And for $15 you get two colors. Each gloss has a gorgeous color on one end and a nude shade on the other.
2. This little thing is amazzzzing. I looovee these
Benefit Brow Zings

I use this every day. Its perfect to keep in your purse or in a travel bag, its an awesome gift for makeup lovers. Its so convenient and cute. It has the darker cream color you use to define your brow, with the included angle brush. Then the lighter powder you use to fill in and set with the little blending brush. It also comes with a little pair of tweezers. It has everything you need for perfect eyebrows in one little package.
1. Lastly, my number one must have
Lorac Lotsa Lash

This is the most amazing mascara Ive ever used. It has microfibers in it to make your lashes look amazingly full and gorgeously long. The brush is nice and big and volumizing. The black is deep and dark. The only thing I sort of dislike about it is that the little fibers make a mess on the top of the brush and when you clean it off on the tube it can be a little messy too, but its so worth it. This is the best mascara EVUH!

So there is my top five products. It was pretty hard trying to pick five and figure out the order. But regardless, here they are. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts on these products, and share your top five products.

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