Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey everyone. I just wanted to do a quick little update on me before I wrote todays post.

Ive been absent for a little while and havent been writing any of my blogs. Im not really sure why, I was just starting to feel like this was all a waste. I was doubting myself, and now I feel so bad about that. I would think to myself "No one reads my blogs anyway, so I dont need to post anything."
But looking at that now I realize how stupid that sounds. And I look at my stats page, and see that even when I dont write I have readers. And even if no one is commenting on my posts, there are still people that are reading. And I kind of feel guilty now and wish I would have just sucked it up, its been since Feb since my last post. :(

But anyway, enough rambling. I really just wanted to apologize to my followers and readers. I plan on getting back on the blog train, and will start writing every day.

And for those who do read my blog, please feel free to comment. Even if you just say you have tried and loved (or hated) something ive written about. A little encouragment makes a big difference. :)

Annnnd lastly, I wanna say a little thank you to everyone who does read my blog :)

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