Friday, November 2, 2012

Nail Junkie?

I used to do my nails every week, but Ive been running out of colors, or getting sick of what I have. And I havent gotten around to getting new stuff yet. Well I recently got a couple things from, and I thought Id share!
"Seche Vite One Coat Lacquer brushes on beautifully with one-coat coverage and dries amazingly fast!"
Most of the time "one coat" nail polishes really need two coats. And "fast dry" are still tacky for at least ten minutes. But honestly, with this, I was impressed! And I dont say that often about nail polish.
You can tell a little better from my image (sorry for the quality, its an iPhone pic) that the color is actually a little darker and 'pearlier' than the image on Folica. So be careful when buying any nail polish online because the colors are always different in person.
This nail polish is seriously top notch. In the pic above (again, sorry for the quality, and messy fingers) you can see just one coat. With one coat you get deep, rich color. And seriously, by the time I was done painting my pinky, my thumb nail was dry. It really is quick dry. It doesnt feel tacky..its smooth and dry. Now, I havent been wearing it long enough to tell you how long it lasts, but with such quick application and dry time, does it really matter? With this stuff you could easily change your nails every day.
*added* I wore this nail polish for over a week before it started to wear or chip!
You can get this for only about $8 at Folica or around $10 at Ulta.

Kiss Nail Dress Strips are fashion that sticks!
These are kind of similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. But honestly, about 20 times better. These are not nail polish strips. Theyre basically really really sticky stickers. The sally hansen strips are actually nail polish, so once theyre opened you have to use them or toss them. If you leave them opened they will dry out. But these are stickers, so they wont dry. I do recommend putting them in a ziplock bag or something to keep them from being exposed just in case, it does say to open them when youre ready to use. But Ive read reviews that say they last if stored in a ziplock bag.
They apply the same way as the Sally Hansen strips, you just peel them off a sheet instead of each nail separate. I have read reviews that the ones with little jems or glitter apply a little less clean than the smooth ones; and that they dont last as long. (i guess because the texture) So thats something to consider.
I havent actually tried them yet, so I cant give you my own opinion on them, but I will come back and change this once I give them a try. (just waiting on the right occasion, probably thanksgiving or christmas) But Ive read a lot of reviews on them. I havent heard any bad things about them, they seem to last a while. They say up to 10 days, but if youre rough on your hands of course it will be less. One review said they had them on for five days before she took them off, and they were still perfect, just slight wear at the top, but basically the same as nail polish would.
If you think the application is easy, wait until you see how to take them off..basically you just peel them right off. No nail polish remover necessary. And for as easy as they are to remove, its amazing that they stay put on your nail for so long. 
*added* These applied pretty easily. I applied a topcoat to try to make them last a little longer. It sort of changed the texture of them though. The smooth parts sort of got bumpy. The tips started pulling up a little on a couple fingers. I applied them on Saturday, and by Tuesday I was ready for the day to be over, so I could take them off. They are cute for a christmas party or special occasion, but I wouldnt recommend them for everyday use.
You can buy these for about $7 at Folica or Ulta

Feel free to share in the comments your experience with either of these products.

FTC Disclaimer: I received these products for free as a part of the Folica Review Program but the views and opinions are that of my own.

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