Friday, November 9, 2012

What do you do when youre In A Pinch?

In A Pinch Presents makes these really cool and convenient bags full of everything you need when you find yourself in a pinch in different situations.
They have five different pinch kits for five different situations:

Caught Unaware - feminine cycle emergency.
Cold & Allergy Bomb - just enough of everything you need to make it through the rest of your day when your sick and off your game
Take A Note - for thosthat don't feel like bringing the whole office with them for a single conference or meeting.
Impromptu Date NightFor all those people that are ill prepared for that "Special Time" this the kit for you.
So Hung OverThis hangover kit comes with all the essentials.

Im going to give a quick little review on the Caught Unaware kit, and tell you how to make your own!

This kit comes with:
- 1 pad
- 1 panty liner
- 1 tampon
- 1 feminine body wipe
- 1 sanitizing hand wipe
- 1 stain remover wipe
- 2 motrin
- 1 hair tie
- 1 hershey kiss

Thats seriously everything a girl could want and need when shes going about her day and that time just pops up out of nowhere. puts all these items in a little brown paper bag. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love this idea, but they want you to pay $6 for this kit, plus shipping im sure, and the site is kind of confusing, and honestly I dont even know how youre supposed to order on there,
So heres what I would do to make one yourself.

First, I would start with a small makeup bag or something cute to keep it in, not a paper bag. Something small enough to keep in your purse, car, work locker, work desk, where ever you need it; but big enough to hold everything you need. And if youre like me, youll probably have something lying around at home that would work perfect that you never use. (honestly I probably have 2 or 3)
And since you have pads and tampons and panty liners at your house already, just take one of each, or whatever you prefer to use, and put them right in your little bag.
I would suggest going and getting one of those small travel size ibuprofens to put in there, theyre of course refillable so youre not wasting money buying one, and youll have enough to last you the rest of the day.
I also suggest picking up one of those tide pens, rather than the wipes, it will last you longer, which is in the end saves you money.
The way they make hair ties anymore it seems like half the pack breaks as youre putting it in your hair for the first time, so I would definitely put two or three in there, or maybe even a clip instead.
As for the hand wipe, again, wipes only last once and theyre trash, so Id put a little $.99 bottle in there instead.
And for chocolate, the individually wrapped fun size candy bars might last longer than a hershey kiss, because its air tight and sealed, not just wrapped in foil.

So theres a few adjustments Id make to the kit when making it at home!

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