Friday, January 25, 2013

Intensive Therapy!

So today is my "intensive therapy" day. I have nothing to do today but clean, so I decided to do a full body therapy day.
By that I mean hair treatments and facial treatments.
Heres a quick little rundown of what Im doing right now!

So to start off with, I washed my hair yesterday, blow dried it with a heat protectant, and thats it. Just pulled it back, no further heat or products. 

(Ive noticed my hair seems to be looking thinner and thinner, so Im trying to not do too much to it, not pulling it back super tight, not applying too much heat, and now Im going to be doing this hair treatment weekly!)
So Im using this Global Goddess Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment.
Ive used this only once before, so I dont really know the results of long term use. But I liked it after my first use..and Ive been meaning to use it again, but I just havent gotten around to it until now. So this stuff is really cool. Its supposed to be like the oil treatment Indian girls use weekly on their hair to "promote growth and wash away stress." And I must say, it did make my hair feel thicker with just one use. Im liking this, and I definitely will be using more often!
Its made from:

  • Coconut Oil (nourishes)
  • Neem Oil (soothes scalp)
  • Amla Extract (rejuvenates)
  • Henna (adds volume and shine)
  • Grape Seed Oil (protects)
  • Avocado Oil (moisturizes scalp)
It says to leave it on your hair for 30 min, then shampoo & condition as normal. You can also leave it on your hair overnight for an even deeper conditioning. Just make sure you put a towel down on your pillow so you dont get oil all over your stuff and ruin it!

So, while that was sitting on my hair I thought it was the perfect time to do a facial mask also.

So Im using Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Mask.
I love doing facial masks. I have pretty oily, acne prone skin. So masks are a great way to eliminate excess oil, clear pores, and remove dead skin. Leaving my face baby smooth. :)
This stuff is amazing. I absolutely loooove it. It has so many great ingredients that are so good for your skin. 
Its got:

  • 10% Sulfur - Helps dry and clear acne blemishes 
  • Kaolin - A type of clay that helps to absorb excess oil 
  • Eucalyptus - Antibacterial properties help prevent future breakouts and provides a soothing herbal scent 
  • Aloe Vera - Helps soothe and hydrate the skin
So this stuff you basically just apply to clean dry skin, leave it on to dry, then wash off with cool water. I let it sit on my face for probably 20-25 min, if you have dry skin dont leave it on for more than 10.

The one thing I dont like about masks though is they leave a weird chalky feeling on my skin, so I usually do rinse my face lightly with a face wash. 

So when my 25 min was over I got in the shower and quickly rinse my face and used a little bit of my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. Im not going to go into detail about that, but you can click the links to check it out!

Next, I shampooed my hair with Phyto Phytoneutre Clarifying Shampoo.
This has been in my closet for months now, and this is acyually the first time Ive used it. And can I just tell you..I love it!
This shampoo is detoxifying. It has eucalyptus oil, which stimulates the scalp and eliminates product build up without stripping hair of its natural protective barrier.
Apply a quarter size amount to hair, lather, rinse, repeat.

Then once that was rinsed I sprayed this Redken Extreme CAT.

This is a protein reconstructing treatment. You spray it on your hair after you shampoo (ring out extra water) lather it up a little and let it sit on your hair fro 3-5 min. Then rinse and follow with conditioner. You can use this 1-3 times a week. And I definitely will be!

And lastly, I wanted to use my Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus. But I couldnt find it, so I used my Ion Effective Care Treatment.
I got this stuff years ago when I was bleaching my hair like once a week (lol not even exaggerating) and I used to use it all the time, but for some reason I stopped, and its been in the back of my closet for years. Well I used it again today, and Im glad I did, because this stuff works so good!

So that was my day of "intense therapy" and my hair and skin is loving it, and so am I! Ill be doing this full treatment at least once a month. Definitely using the conditioner and CAT once a week. 

Btw guys, if you have any tips for me to help my hair grow thicker, please share in the comments. Ive tried a few things, but nothing Ive tried has worked. Im giving this a try, and seeing how things go. But if you have any tips please share, because I need to know! Lol Im starting to get freaked out. Thanks :)

Some products in this review were provided to me for the purpose of writing a review. Those products include Redken products and Global Goddess products. All other products were purchased by me for my personal use. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased.

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