Monday, January 28, 2013

TAG - All About Me!

So, today Im doing something a little different. This is one of those tags that you see going around Youtube and stuff. But I decided to do it as a bloggy post. So here it goes.

1. When & where were you born?
I was born August 12, 1991. At a hospital in Pennsylvania.
2. Who are your parents & siblings?
I dont really know how this question is supposed to go, so Im just going to say names and a little info about them..
My mom is Margaret, but everyone calls her Peggy, she just got done school for like medical billing stuff, and is working at an eye doctor.
My dad is Dave, hes a mason/brick layer. He builds like brick/stone buildings.
And I only have one sibling, my older sister Jamie, she turns 23 in like 5 days so happy birthday to her. She is a tattoo artist.
3. Do you remember any memories from ages 1 - 6?
I dont know of anyone who actually remembers a whole lot from 1-6 lol, and my memory isnt the best.. But I do have to say, I have a really bad perception of time, like what happened when I was however old or like when things happen and all that. But I know of like some memories or things in my life that Ive been told a million times. The one "memory" would be when I was younger, between 1-6, me and my dad were wrestling or something and my arm came out of the socket. We went to the hospital and while we were waiting we went to get a soda from the soda machine, and I went "mommy I want that soda" and pointed, and POP my arm goes back in the socket. Lol.
But what I do remember from that time, I was very shy and reserved and didnt really open up or talk much until like 3rd grade, and even then I was really shy..I remember like my teachers in school and little things about school, but I dont have like solid memories of anything that early in life.
4. Has your life changed from then to now? Im still shy and pretty reserved, but Ive definitely opened up more, Im a little less shy lol. Ive obviously grown up and matured..Im still basically the same person, but obviously a different person than I was at 1-6..haha
5. Most memorable event?
I have a lot of good memories from growing up. Like camping trips with the family and things like that. But Id have to say my most memorable events would be going to concerts with my sister, best friend, and dad. We would go to like Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour, Ozzfest all that stuff every year. We had so much fun..I miss those times<3
6. Describe yourself in one word.
That is the hardest thing to do..I dont even think I could describe myself in 5 words. Lol. But if I had to choose one word Id probably say goofy. Once you get to know me you know Im a big goofball..
7. Do you have a middle name?
Yes I do. :) Its kind of what I go by.. (well my full name) Its Lee. When I was younger I hated my middle name, I thought it was a boys name and I wanted to change it. But Id say like 7th grade maybe I started liking it, and by like 9th I loved it..and now I love it and I plan on passing it along to my first daughter :) tehe
8. What's your favorite subject in school?
If I could choose ANY subject Id day art, Art is my passion and I love it. But if I have to pick an academic subject it would be math, I think its the class I was best in, it was interesting to me, and challenging..I just always liked math. :)
9. What's your favorite drink?
For the longest time..basically my whole life I was like in love with milk. I would drink it with every was bad. We (a family of 4) went through at least one gallon of milk a day. But Ive cut back a LOT now I limit myself to like one glass of milk a day..if that. (trying to be healthier) So now basically all I drink is water. I still love milk, but I also love a glass of icey water :)
10. What's your favorite song at the moment?
Oh gosh, I love music. I was obsessed with the song "Somethin bout a truck" for like a year or two..but now Id say my favorite song is "Hey Pretty Girl" both songs are by my obsession Kip Moore<3
11. What would you name your kids?
I can not wait to have kids. I want a big family :) I plan on having at least like 5 kids. I want all my kids names to be well thought out..I dont want any of those trend names people do (Like Jackson/Jax) The one name I know I will name my first daughter is Savannah Lee. (passing on my middle name) Ive always loved the name Savannah, and I think it sounds so pretty together. Other names I like are like Bryce, Blake, I used to really like the name Elle (got that name from Degrassi hahah) I dont know..Ive thought about it a lot, and I have a lot more thinking to do. I just know Ill be naming my daughter Savannah Lee :) (steal it and Ill kill you hahaha) But thats definitely something me and my husband would have to talk over and really think about.
12. Do you participate in any sports?
No hahah. I love to watch baseball (Phillies woo!) Ive never really participated in sports. Unless youd consider working out a sport..Ive gotten really into working out in the last like 2 years.
13. What's your favorite book?
I never used to really be into reading, but in the past 2-3 years IVe been trying to read more, I really like itm but I dont read nearly as much as I wish I would. But Id say my favorite book is "Burned" I read that in like 10th grade for a reading class, and I really liked it.
14. What's your favorite color?
My favorite color is definitely turquoise. Its so pretty, and it reminds me of my grandmom :)
15. What's your favorite animal?
Okay..for the longest time when I was little and stuff I was like obsessed with dogs. I love dogs..but Id have to say my favorite animal that Im absolutely obsessed with, and I know its weird, is GOATS! I love them to death. Every time I see one I like squeak and Im like goaaaat! haha If you know me you know my love<3
16. What's your favorite perfume?
I honestly dont wear perfume hardly ever..Ive never owned much perfume and IVe never been really into it. And I know this is weird but my "perfume" is Febreeze hahah I love the smell of it..and I keep a little To Go bottle in my purse just cuz I love the way it smells. So fresh and clean smelling. Love it :P
17. Favorite Holiday?
I guess I would say Christmas time..and I know everyone says this but I love how its like a family time, everyones closer, we all relive old memories, I love baking cookies with my mom, I lovehelping my mom make Christmas dinner..I love the lights. Its just a fun time of year. And Im still waiting for that white Christmas :)
18. Have you graduated high school?
Yes I have. I graduated in 2009. :)
19. Ever been out of the country?
Unless you consider like stepping off of land into the ocean "out of the country" no haha. I want to, and I will one day. Eventually Im going to take my parents to Greece, at least my mom I know she wants to go. And like out of the continental US Im going to take my parents to Alaska one day, but I havent been out of the country day though :)
20. What languages do you speak?
I dont speak anything other than English fluently..I took 2 1/2 years of spanish and 1/2 a year of french, but I hardly remember anything.
21. Who are your siblings?
I already answered that in question #2
22. What is your favorite store?
I would probably say..Home Goods. I love that store..they always have so many cool unique things there. (and a bonus if it has a TJ Maxx attached I like that store too..) Or Target. I love Target. :P
23. Favorite restaurant?
I dont really like eating out too much, Im a vegetarian, so its hard for me to find something veg at restaurants sometimes, but I would def say this place by me called Georgines. They have amazing food..and you get a lot for cheap..always have leftovers..
24. Do you like school?
Im not in school anymore. But when I was in know all you wanna do is be done. But now looking at my life I kind of miss it. I mean theres things about it I miss..idk.
25. Who's your favorite youtube guru?
Hm..toughy. The first person I really watched on youtube was Kandee Johnson. I really loved her videos. I would like check every day to see if she posted a new video..then Idk I feel like her videos started to change a little. I mean I understand she has 4 kids, and with the little one its gotta be hard. But then I started watching Blair Fowler, and I loved her videos especially the ones from when she was still in TN with her accent and stuff..but I still like her. But the one Im really liking right now, who I just started watching like 2 weeks ago is MacBarbie07. Love her attitude and her videos are always fun and cute. And I love the way she edits her to watch :)
26. What's your favorite movie?
Oh gosh, well Im gonna split this up into 4 parts haha (cheating)
Favorite Disney movie - Lion King.
Favorite movie when I was younger - Cry Baby. If youve never seen this go watch it. Its so funny..and theres so much in it now that I see and Im like omgsh that was so inappropriate for me when I was younger. But its just one of those movies that I watch and im just happy.
Favorite Horror movie, because horror is basically my favorite kinda movie - House of 1000 Corpses & The Devils Rejects.
And absolute favorite movie - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. ALL TIME FAV. <3<3<3
27. Favorite tv show?
Meh..honestly I dont really like watching tv that much. Its just so much..blah. But I love watching cooking shows. Family Guy. This show Rehab Addict..and all time fav..Spongebob. Ive been obsessed with that show since I was like 8?
28. PC or Mac?
I prefer Mac..unfortunately I dont have one..but I do like Mac better.
29. What kind of phone do you have?
White iPhone 4S
30. How tall are you?
Im actually somewhat tall..Im like 5'9"
31. What are your future goals in life?
My main goal..I know this is silly..but it shows my love for goats. My main goal in life is to live on a farm with goats. :))
Another main goal is to have a large close family.
And pretty much just to be successful and happy..whatever I end up doing..I just wanna be happy. I dont want a 9-5 job that I hate..I wanna do something I love..I dont care if theres me my husband and our 5 kids crammed in a little house, as long as were happy..thats really it.
I have a few small goals, but those are my main wishes for myself in life.

So I know this isnt really "all things beauty" but I thought Id give it a shot..if you dont like this kind of post please feel free to let me know (nicely)

And lastly, I tag all of you to go ahead and post all about you on your own blog or video and leave the links in the comments below, I love watching these kind of videos and getting to see what others say. :)

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