Friday, February 1, 2013

Spoil Yourself Naturally - Splurge The Rub Review

Ever use a scrub thats too harsh? Not harsh enough? Too oily? Too dry? Or one that just contains nasty chemicals. Well Ive found the prefect scrub, its the perfect balance of oils and exfoliating sugar. And its all natural. Which is awesome!

This scrub, as you can see, is by Splurge Skincare. Its called The Rub. And they say "Simply the best sugar scrub you'll ever use. Moisturizing without being greasy, and exfoliating without being harsh, "The Rub" will leave your skin smooth and glowing."

The Rub comes in 3 scents, Peppermint, Almond, and Lemon. I have to peppermint and almond ones, and they smell amazing, I want to eat them. I can only imagine how good the lemon smells. 

They arent kidding when they say its the best sugar scrub youll ever use. Its really the perfect grittiness, and the texture is really nice. 

If you dont know what a sugar scrub is, its basically just an exfoliating scrub that softens and exfoliates the skin, and leave your skin looking healthy and glowing. 

This particular scrub actually says dont use it on your face, but I think you could as long as you use a facial cleaner after. I think they say dont use it on your face because it might be a little harsh on sensitive skin, and the oils in it could make you break out if you leave it on. But its all natural so its not like its going to be damaging to your skin.

One thing I want to point out, this is full of oils, so be very careful if youre using this in the shower, dont need anyone slipping and falling. 

This is a great product for hands and feet, it will soften the skin and sloth off dead skin. Just like I said be careful in the shower, I would only do it sitting on the side of the tub or using a foot spa. 

They are available, as I said, in three scents. They come in 8 oz jars, for $26 each.

But you can find Splurge products at or click here to find out where you can buy it.

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  1. Hi LaraLee,

    Thanks for the great review! Just wanted to let you know that the 4 oz is our sample size. The full size product is 8oz and retails for $26. Thanks again for your kind words!

    Splurge Skincare

    1. okay, thanks for letting me know! ill update that now. :)