Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Current Daily Hair Routine

I think I did one of these a while back, or at least something similar, but I change my routine a lot, so this is what I currently do basically every day!

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Around once a week, maybe once every two weeks or so I like to do a deep conditioning treatment on my dry, dirty hair. I like to use my Surya Brasil Color Fixation Leave-In Cream Conditioner. Youre really supposed to put this on wet or dry hair and style as normal, but I feel like it weighs my hair down too much, so I just use it as a deep conditioning treatment.
So, what I do is take a big glob of it in my hand, and spread it throughout my hair, saturating the ends. Ill clip it up and leave it on my hair for anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, or even over night. If I plan to do it overnight Ill put a shower cap or something on to prevent it from getting on my pillow, and prevent it from drying and getting sticky and weird.
After you rinse this stuff from your hair it leaves it so soft and smooth. I do shampoo and condition again after. But doing this deep conditioning every so often helps me keep my hair manageable. :)
(Review on Surya Brasil products Ive used before.)

My current 2 favorite Shampoos and Conditioners are the
- Silky Sexy Hair Lite. I was given this as a gift, and it is now one of my all time favorite shampoo/conditioners. This stuff, first of all, smells AMAZING. And it leaves my hair so soft and silky smooth. I have become obsessed with this stuff, Ive been using it so sparingly lately, because Im almost out :( But it is definitely something I intend on repurchasing! This is a very close second to my all time favorite, Redken Extreme.
- Sebastian Trilliance. The first time I tried this I was on my annual camping trip at the beach. Me and my best friend had just come back from a hella hot day at the beach. We were sweaty, salty, and my hair was dry and annoying! So I tried this stuff out, and immediately I was like "holy cow, this stuff is awesome!" It took my dry, difficult, beach hair..and made it super soft and manageable. It made my hair super shiny and beautiful! Another product to add to my list of favs! (The only downfall to this product, is its more expensive than both of my top 2 favs, so thats why this comes in at 3rd)

After I get out of the shower, I always towel dry my hair or just twist it up in my towel for a few minutes. Especially in the summer, I usually need a few minutes to cool off after stepping out of the steamy bathroom! So, once my hair is just damp, not completely saturated, not dry. Ill take my current favorite heat protectant spray, Tresseme Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray. Ive always loved the original one from them, but they recently released the Keratin Smooth collection, and I must say I like this stuff SOO much better! It helps me get my hair smooth and straight much much easier.

I then like to run about a pea-sized drop of the Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum to the ends and about half way up the ends of my hair. This combination of products makes my hair seriously so much easier to manage, keeps it soft and beautiful.
(Review on some of my all time favorite Redken products.)

Then I use my favorite blow dryer from Sedu. The Sedu Revolution 4000i. I dont think they sell this one anymore, I believe now they only sell the newer version, the 6000i. I havent had a chance yet to try that one out, but I absolutely love my 4000i. It dries my hair so super fast and Ive found my perfect settings to get my hair pretty straight, which makes styling so much easier!
(Review on this blow dryer!)

I use my favorite brush to dry my hair, which is the 2.5" Thermal Nylon & Boar Barrel Round Brush from Brush Boutique by SPI. I looked everywhere to try and find a link to this brush, I got mine at Ulta a few years ago, but I cant seem to find a link. Idk if the company is even still around!

Before I do anything else to my hair I like to apply a little bit of the Bed Head After Party smoothing cream. It just helps smooth out my hair as I style it, plus it adds a little more heat protection. Then Ill either take my blow dryer on cool shot and just quickly dry that, or Ill let it sit and soak in for a few minutes while my styling tool of choice is heating up!

After I have my hair completely dry I will either run my straightener through it real quick to get the little bit of fluffiness and any kinks out..
I use the Karmin Titanium 1" Professional Styling Iron in pink! Absolutely love this slat iron.
Or Ill curl it using my favorite clipless curling iron, the T3 Single Pass Whirl!
(Review on this curling wand!)

Then sometimes Ill take a little tiny bit of my Julep Top Coat for Hair and just mist that over to make it extra shiny, but with all the other products I really dont need it.
(My thoughts on the Julep Maven Program.)

I know it may seem like quite the process, or like a lot of products, but it really doesnt take me very long to do my hair at all, and this combination of products together really helps keep my hair healthy, smooth, and manageable.

Im always up for trying new products, so let me know your favorites!

If you would like to see a full review on any of the products Ive mentioned please let me know!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, Some of the products were sent to me in exchange for a review, this is not that review. Just because a product is sent to me does not mean I have to like it, these are just some of the products that I happen to love and continue to use. All opinions are my own.
Surya Brasil Leave-In Conditioner was sent to me to review. Silky Sexy Hair was given to me as a gift. Sebastian Trilliance was sent to me from an amazing PR company I have been working with for a few years. I have been purchasing Tresseme Heat Protectant Spray for a long time. I got my Redken Glass 01 myself from Ulta. The Sedu blow dryer was sent to me as part of's Review Program. I got my brush by SPI myself from Ulta. Bed Head after party was also from Ulta. My straightener was sent to my from a company who works with Karmin. The T3 Curling Wand was also part of the Folica Review Program. I got my Julep Top Coat for Hair from a Julep Maven Box I purchased myself!

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