Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pamper Day!

SNOW DAY! We got about 14 inches of snow yesterday, so what better excuse to stay inside and pamper myself today!

For my pamper days I do treatments for my hair, skin and nails. I deep condition my hair. Exfoliate my skin, do my favorite facial mask, and use a deep moisturizer. And give myself a little mani/pedi. Candles are essential for setting a relaxing mood, as well as filling the room with my favorite scents.

I start out with a relaxing bath or foot soak. I love to use bath bombs and/or bath salts. You dont have to go to places like Lush to find decent bath products, you can find some pretty good ones at your drug store, or even walmart or target. 

While Im in the bath or soaking my feet, I like to do a deep conditioner or mask on my hair, while using a nice exfoliating mask on my face. After cleansing and exfoliating, I use my favorite eye cream, and intense recovery treatment. Im using my Evologie cleanser, Splurge scrub, Merlot mask, Dermalogica eye cream, and RevaleSkin moisturizer. As well as my favorite Fekkai conditioning hair mask.

After soaking my feet, I give them a good scrubbing with a pumice stone to remove any dead skin. Then once theyre soft and dry, I give myself a little massage while rubbing on some foot cream. The one Im using today is by Udderly Smooth.
Then, I move onto the nails. I clip, file and smooth out my nails before applying a few coats of my favorite nail treatments and polishes.

I like to finish off my relaxing day by lounging in bed with my favorite scented candles burning, and a good book to read!

What are your favorite ways to relax on pamper days? What are your favorite pamper products?

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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