Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twilight Teeth Whitening System Review

Ive tried a few different whitening products over the past few years. Some worked, some didnt. Some were much too time consuming, some were quick and easy. Some caused sensitivity, some didnt. Some were affordable, and some were ridiculously expensive. It isnt easy trying to find a combination of those things that worked for me.

So over the summer I tried a new product I had never heard of before. Twilight Teeth. It was also a new kind of system that I hadnt used either. Twilight Teeth uses whitening gel, a mouthpiece and an LED whitening light. Everything I had used in the past just used a mouthpiece, I had never used an LED light before. I had heard of it, but thought that was something only used in dentist offices.
The idea of using an LED light at home was so interesting to me. So I did a little more research on Twilight Teeth and found that it was use in a tanning bed, so you can whiten while you tan. You place the mouthpiece in and apply the gel just before getting into the tanning bed.
But they also have an at home version which comes with the LED light to use at home! Which was perfect for me, because I have never in my life used a tanning bed.

Over the summer I started using the system every night.
All you do is (on clean teeth) put the mouthpiece in, apply the gel, then insert the light. Let it sit for 20 minutes and youre done. You dont even have to rinse. I did find that if youre sitting up while using it you will drool an awful lot, so I just do it while Im laying in bed at night.
I had only been using the system for 3 or 4 days when my bestie said to me "your teeth look really white!"

One thing I dont like though is the mouthpiece isnt very wide, so I feel like half of my teeth that show when I smile wont be as white as the rest. I just kind of stick the brush back in there and get some gel on them and hope that its still working!

After a few weeks of using it I went on vacation and had forgotten to bring it with me, so of course when I got home I couldnt get back into the routine of things >:(
So I gave it a break for a little while, and noticed my teeth werent quite as white as they had been, so I think this product really only whitens temporarily. I dont think it gets the deep down stains, so the whiteness kind of fades after a while. So to keep your teeth white you really have to do it on a regular basis. But after you get to your desired whiteness Im sure you could just do it once a week or so to maintain your white! And that is no problem for me, because it didnt cause any sensitivity or discomfort.

While this is a wonderful system that gave me noticeably whiter teeth, I still dont think its the system for me. I am looking for a whitening system that lasts and gets the deep down stains, not just surface stains. I will continue to use it until I find the right system for me!

What whitening products have you used? What is your go to product?

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