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Graze Box Review - Get your first box free!

Healthy snacking made easy! Graze was started by 7 friends tired of chips and candy, who wanted a better way to snack. And what they came up with is simply amazing. 
Keep reading to find out how to get your 1st and 5th boxes free!

Graze is unlike any other "subscription box" I have ever seen before. They send you healthy snacks right to your doorstep every week. (or every 2 or every 4 weeks if you choose!) They have 2 box options, the nibble box and the calorie counter box. Both cost only $6 per box! The nibble box is the one I got.

In the Nibble Box you will receive 4 hand picked healthy snacks. They have over 90 snacks to choose from! And at only $6 a box each perfectly portioned snack is only $1.50! For the same price of a candy bar or bag of chips from the vending machine, you can have healthy delicious snacks delivered right to your home.

The Calorie Counter Box has over 50 options to choose from and are all between 50 and 150 calories per snack. Each snack also equals out to be $1.50 but is much healthier and tastier than anything you could get out of those vending machines.

After youve tried a snack you can go on the website and rate your snacks based on how much you liked them. You can select Try for things you havent had yet but would like to try, Like or Love for things you enjoyed or Trash for things you didnt like or dont want them to send. I hate spicy food, so before I got my first box I trashed anything that sounded spicy so I wouldnt get them!

My first box arrived within 10 days of ordering. All boxes come USPS and are designed to fit right in your mailbox. All of the snacks they picked for me looked soo delicious! The first snack I tried was the Cookies and Cream.

This had mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds. And ohhh myyyy goodness, this was seriously SOO GOOD! I am a big sweets person, I love chocolate and cupcakes are like the greatest thing in the world to me. So I was very excited to try this snack in particular to help fulfill my sweets craving. I never thought to put sunflower seeds with cookies and chocolate, but this little mixture was literally perfect. And the portion size was also perfect! Its so easy to overeat when snacking, so having these things portioned for you is so helpful!

The next one I tried was Chocolate Orange.
This one had roasted hazelnuts, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons. Anytime I had ever had chocolate and orange together I didnt like it. You know those cheap valentines chocolates that have orange filling, the worst! But this was absolutely heavenly. The raisins added the perfect sweetness to the dark chocolate (which btw, dark chocolate is my favorite! and its better for you than milk chocolate) and the hazelnuts added a nice little crunch and made it a little more filling. The flavors went sooo well together. This might have been my favorite out of the whole box. 

Then was the Cherries & Berries.
It was a mixture of cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and jumbo raisins. This was probably my least favorite of the bunch, but it was still pretty good. I just think personally I would have liked a little more texture. I had never seen or heard of lingonberries before, but they were the cutest little dried berries I had ever seen, and they tasted great mixed in with the other berries. But, to me the whole thing was a little..mushy, because it was all dried fruits, so there was no contrast in texture. I always like a little crunch..

The last snack I tried was the Olive and Rosemary Bruschetta. 
The perfect mixture of mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews and kalamata olive croutons. In my house we LOVE bruschetta and make it all the time in the summer, so I was very excited to try this one! I was never a fan of olives, but those little croutons were damn tasty. Each ingredient by itself was soo good, but all of them together at once was seriously amazing! The croutons and breadsticks were perfectly crunchy and the cashews were slightly softer in texture, so it gave it a nice contrast. All of the flavors blended together perfectly. If you prefer savory over sweet this would be a great one for you to try!

I was so impressed with this sub box! And with over 90 options to choose from Im sure you wont be disappointed either! Oh, and I forgot to mention, they also include a little card with all of the nutritional information for all of the snacks in your box, so if you like to keep track of calories you wont have any problem adding these snacks. :)

You can choose to get your boxes every week, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. You can also postpone shipment of your box if you are going to be out of town.
Sign up by clicking the link above or use the code LARAS51XU to get your 1st & 5th boxes free! :)

Enjoy healthy snacking!

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