Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Venus Snap - Influenster Review

With summer basically here, we all want our skin as smooth and hair-free as possible. So when I heard about this nifty little product from Gillette I was super excited to check it out!

Gillette is probably my favorite go-to brand for razors. I love that the Venus razor has interchangeable heads, meaning you can use any type of Venun razor head on the same old handle. Making it nearly impossible to buy the wrong heads! Nothing is worse than spending a buttload of money on new razorheads only to find once you get home that they arent for your razor! I cant believe no one thought of that idea sooner..

Gillette seems to be ahead of the game in many ways, and theyve just taken another leap ahead of their competitors. Gillette just released a brand new products called the Venus Snap, the first portable razor for on-the-go smoothness.

"This portable stylish compact features Venus' best Embrace blades on a mini-handle that conveniently tucks into any bag"

This new razor has a small handle with a, kind of squishy, grip for easy handling. It comes with the Embrace razor head on it, but as all Venus razors the heads are interchangeable. The whole thing fits right into its little compact carrying case.

I think the whole idea is pretty great. Its perfect to take with you to the beach, on vacation, camping, pretty much anywhere. You could even keep it in your makeup bag right in your purse if you wanted to.
Missed a spot shaving? No problem! The Embrace razor head makes it easy to touch up literally anywhere, just wet the razor and youre good to go, no shaving cream needed.

I definitely look forward to taking this little guy on vacations, beach trips, and little getaways with me this summer.

Venus Snap with Embrace is available at any retailer where you normally find Venus brand razors. Ive seen it at Target, Walmart, most grocery stores and drug stores. You can even find it online. It retails for around $9-$12.

This product was sent to me in an Influenster VoxBox for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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