Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review

http://www.smashbox.com/product/6030/18515/Eyes/Mascara/FULL-EXPOSURE-MASCARA/index.tmplAs most of you probably know, every year Ulta has their 21 Days of Beauty sale event. This year there were only a few deals that I even thought twice about checking out. (One of which was buy 1 get 1 free Clarisonic brush heads.) The other deal I went to check out was the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara for half price.

I have been a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics for years now. Ever since I got their Eye Wish palette back in 2009. I had also been running low on my current mascaras. So I figured, hey, for only $10 why not check it out? I'd been wanting to try out some new mascaras anyway; and if Im going to spend $10 on a drug store mascara, why not spend $10 on a better brand?!
So, I had all intentions of keeping it unopened in its box in my "overflow makeup drawer" and only opening it once I had completely run out of older mascaras. Well, I have as much willpower when it comes to new makeup as a 6 year old has with a big bowl of candy in front of them and no adults to tell them no! So after a few short days..I caved.

My initial thoughts on it were "oh wait, is this a fiber mascara?" I had done absolutely no research on this product before buying it..so I was going in completely blind. So after applying it, Ill admit, I wasnt blown away. To me it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite mascaras, Revlon Grow Lucious, mixed with a ..less awesome version of my all time favorite mascara, (which I think is discontinued?! whyyyyyy?!) Lorac Lotsa Lash. And while it reminded me of a mixture of 2 of my favorite mascaras, it just seemed to lack something. I was honestly really surprised I didnt love this mascara..and that kind of disappointed me. I really wanted to love it.

I will obviously continue to use it until its all used up. But I will just have to layer it a few extra times to achieve a look that Im happy with. If I didnt have a few other products that I love so much, I probably would really like this mascara. But for now, I will continue to buy the products I love!

What I liked about this mascara:
  • Great brush.
  • Separates and lifts pretty well.
  • Fibers. I LOVE fiber mascaras!
  • Goes on smoothly. No clumps or strings.
  • Nice texture. Not watery or too thick.
  • Buying it on sale for half price makes me feel much less guilty about buying "better" brands.
  • Removes easily with water and cleanser.

What I didnt like about this mascara:
  • Multiple coats to achieve desired look.
  • Runs easily if your eyes tear up in the slightest.
  • Bit pricier if not on sale.

Have you ever tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?
Im always on the hunt for great new mascaras. Let me know in the comments your favorite drug store and high end mascaras!

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