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MunchPak Review

If you're someone who loves to try new foods or foods from around the world, Munch Pak is the perfect subscription box for you! They offer three different box sizes, all filled with new and popular snacks from around the world. I got to sample to MunchPak Mini, which includes 5-6 snacks. The snacks in my box included:

Eiffel Bon Bons Blue Raspberry - Chewy Fruity and deliciously tasty ball shaped candies in blue raspberry flavor. Country: France
This stuff smells so good! I opened the bag and took a whiff and my head filled with memories of fairs and carnavals as a child as my nose filled with the scent of blue cotton candy.  I was kind of expecting these to be hard solid sugar balls, but when I put it in my mouth I was pleasantly surprised. These candies have more of a taffy-like texture. They taste pretty good, pretty much the flavor I expected when the package said blue raspberry. I enjoyed them and would definitely eat them again.

Amsterdam Good Cookies - This incredibly delightful Stroopwafel comes straight from Amsterdam with a delectable and rich caramel center that is sandwiched between to thin and crunchy waffle cookies. Country: The Netherlands
Ive heard a lot about stroopwafels but never knew where I could get one to try it, so when I saw this cookie in my MunchPak I was so excited! I thought the cookie was going to be hard and crunchy, but when I bit into it it was soft and kind of chewy. The cookie tastes a bit like a graham cracker, and the gooey sweet caramel filling made this cookie so perfect. I need to find out how to make these so I can have them at home! This was my favorite item from the box! I will definitely be finding out where to get them again!

Vita-Mix - These incredibly tasty vitamin fortified candies come in all your favorite fruit flavors and filled with exceptionally delicious fruit filling. Country: Poland
This bag comes with a few different flavors: lemon, strawberry, blueberry, green apple and orange. My favorite flavor out of them all is orange, and I was a little sad to see I unluckily only got one orange! But with 4 lemon I might be okay. ;) The picture on the bag shows a hard candy shell with a soft center, so I bit the candy in half to check it out. The middle inst as runny as the picture would make you believe, It was more of just a soft sticky texture like an old lollipop that got hot during summer or something. The flavor is really good though (I only tried the orange), and the fact that these are fortifies with vitamins is really cool! I wouldn't turn them down if offered one again.

Ease Taste Onion Pie Crackers - Ease Taste Onion Pie Crackers are a delicious, crunchy and wholesome onion flavored snack. Country: Taiwan
I was a little scared to try these, just the words "onion pie" make me cringe a little.. But onion crackers sounds great. Maybe there was just some problems with translating the name? I hope. The smell is a bit reminiscent of Funyons, which I loooove..but the flavor is much much sweeter. It was kind of strange to me, because I was not expecting sweet at all. Other than the sweetness, they're not horrible..but I would prefer it if they weren't sweet..I just cant get past it lol. The texture is a little softer than I would have liked too. I like my crackers really crunchy, but these are a little on the softer side, almost as if they'd gone stale. They might be better crushed up in a salad or over soup..but I probably won't be trying that..I'll most likely just toss the rest of the bag. 

Pei Tien Corn Roll - Pei Tien Corn Roll (French Thick Corn Soup) - Crunchy and Delicious Snack that tastes like buttered corn.  Country: Taiwan
This one sounded most bizzarre to me. A corn roll..what does that even mean? But I am a huge fan of fresh corn in the summer time, so I was very hopeful that this would taste good! When I opened the package the roll part became less confusing to me, Its kind of tube shaped, so I assume thats where they got roll from. It doesnt smell as buttery or corn-y as I expected, but you could see the yellow "buttery"-ness on the outside. The texture is almost just like a cheeto, but a little softer and less of a harsh crunch, if that makes sense.. When I bit into it I was literally so surprised at how much it tasted like corn. I kind of expected it to taste more like popcorn, but it tasted like I was eating corn on the cob. Probably the weirdest thing Ive ever experienced food wise.. It was by no means bad, but I don't see myself seeking them out to get my Corn Roll fix. 

Memories Dates Teashop - These treats are made from Dates. Delicious and wholesome. County: Turkey
I wasn't very excited for this one..because dates just seem so unappealing to me. (even though I love Lara Bars, which are date and nut bars) I broke a piece off the see what the filing looked like, and was pretty turned off about the whole thing. The filling looks pretty gross, so I dont suggest you break yours and look at it lol. I took a very small bite. (Ever see the episode of Spongebob when Squidward tries a craby patty for the first time? I took one of those bites..) The cookie part on the outside wasnt bad. It was a kind of dry crumbly cookie, but the inside was not my favorite thing in the world. I probably wont be finishing this cookie..but if you like dates I'm sure you'd love it! Just not my thing.. :P

The Munch Pak Mini, like I said, comes with 5-6 full size snacks and costs $9.95 per month. 
They also offer the Munch Pak Original, which comes with 10+ full size snacks for $19.95 per month.
You can also get the Family Sized Munch Pak which comes with 20+ full sized snacks for $39.95 per month.

You can also customize your munch pak by selecting options like nuts, spicy, chewy, meat, seafood, candy, american or foreign snacks & more for an addition $1 each per delivery. Or you can add a coffee or tea addition for another $5 per box. So there are many customizable options for you to choose from to get exactly what you want!

I just think it's really cool to be able to try different snacks from all around the world without having to leave you home (or dorm or office, which they will deliver to!) I will definitely have to give this box another try in the future, even though I didn't like half of my snacks, it is still a really cool thing to enjoy with the family. We had a little tasting "party" at my house when my box arrived, and it was really fun! 

Thanks to Mike and everyone at MunchPak for supplying me with the MunchPak Mini to review! 

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