Monday, April 13, 2015 Review!

Anyone who knows anything about me knows my obsession with dogs. (and goats, but thats another story..) They should also know that I have 2 fur babies, who I love to spoil. So, naturally, when I heard of Pet Gift Box, the subscription box for dogs, I knew I had to check it out!
Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers Eco Friendly gifts for your dog or cat. You get to customize your box by selecting cat or dog, and for dog they have 3 size options to ensure your pet is getting size appropriate toys and treats! When signing up you also enter your pets name instead of yours, so when it arrives its addressed right to them. (I think that is such a cute little touch!)

Each box, no matter what size, is only $17.99. And the great thing is plans automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time. And they say they believe in being unleashed, meaning no long term comittment or huge bills every year. You will be charged monthly and if at any time you wish to cancel your services you're free to do so.

This months box for small dogs was full of great things! The total value of the box was over $45 including shipping, saving me almost $28. You really can't beat it!
Some of the products in this box included:
PetLou Naturally Twisted Critters - an adorable little squeaky toy my Darla loves! made with premium all natural fabrics and fillers, and include multiple squeakers, crinkle sounds, and/or sisal rope tail or legs.
Pet Greens Jerky Style Treats - all natural, grain-free treats made with 90% real meat and organic wheat grass. This stuff smelled almost exactly like the jerky my dad makes, and my dogs love it!
Earth Rated Leash Dispenser w/ 15 bags - the bags are lavender scented, which is nice when your dog is like my Rascal who likes to go as soon as possible on our walks, leaving you to carry a stinky bag for the rest of our 30 min walk!
Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Earth Day Cookie - gourmet, organic treats made from local fresh ingredients. I havent opened this yet to let my dogs try, but it is the cutest little earth shaped treat, and reading more about them on their site, I am in love with this company!
K9Granola Factory Oven Fresh Quacks - these treats are so cute, theyre shaped like little ducks which I love, and theyre blueberry and vanilla flavored, which my dogs love! I've never seen dog treats those flavors, but apparently dogs enjoy it! This is another company with your dogs health in mind, they are also all natural and heart healthy. I also love that they are small, bite-sized treats, making it easy to control how much we give our little Rascal (who is becoming slightly overweight in his elder years)
Absolutely Clean Pet Stain & Odor Remover - this all-natural, plant based cleaner safely and effectively removes stains and odors without any harsh chemicals or toxins. Lets face it, accidents happen, and with dogs..they happen more often than we'd like. So finding a great, pet friendly and chemical free product that works well is a godsend!

All together, I think this box is absolutely perfect. It is full of great products both me and my dogs love! It is super affordable and much cheaper than having to buy all of the products yourself, plus it cuts out the hassle of having to research and find the eco-friendly, all-natural products you want for your pets, And its all sent right to your doorstep!

Even if you don't personally own any dogs or cats, if you know someone else who does this makes a perfect gift! And they make it very easy to gift to a friend!

The one thing I do wish for though is a few more options when ordering, like maybe the option to receive a box every other month or even quarterly. This months box came with 2 decent sized bags of treats, plus one single treat, so that alone could get my 2 small dogs through a couple of months. Other products like toys could also last long enough to wait more than a month for the next box.. So rather than having to cancel after every month and rejoining when youre ready for another box, it would be nice to see more spread out shipping options.

To order your Pet Gift Box or learn more, visit!

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