Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Strange Addiction.

Hi. My name is Lara, and I am an addict.

Okay, so this addiction may not be as dramatic or unhealthy as you would typically associate with the word, but I still recognize it as such. I am addicted to crocheting.

You heard (read) me right. I am addicted to crocheting. I had my first taste of the sweet drug when I was rather young. My mom taught me to crochet when she was on her kick when I was in middle school. But, as you can expect, my middle school self wasnt quite into the whole crochet thing. But now that Im older I have come to appreciate and embrace my inner old lady.

I've been on the search for the perfect throw blanket to go with my bed. (light blue sheets, white down comforter, and light grey-blue throw pillows.) And without luck..I cant seem to find one in the color that I want that isnt that really fuzzy material. So i figured, hey why not just make one myself. And thus my addiction began.

My cousin has been into crocheting for a few years, so I went over her place a few weeks ago and had her re-teach me. I picked it up really quick and remembered a lot of the things I had learned at a young age. I pretty much immediately became super excited with the whole thing. Right away I started practicing stitches non-stop. I practiced and practiced until I was sure I was ready and comfortable to start a project.

My first project, I decided, was going to be a scarf. This super easy one skein scarf. I got myself a beautiful ombre yard and got started right away and couldnt put the thing down. I had the whole thing finished in just 2-2.5 days.

As soon as I finished, I was ready for my next blanket! I looked and looked for days trying to find a pattern I liked that would be easy enough for a beginner, but looked really good! I could not find such a pattern. :( Then I went and hung out with my cousin and saw the beautiful stitch she was doing on a lap blanket she was making and decided that was it! The perfect stitch for my blanket :D I decided on a shell stitch, which is really pretty and looks great for an afghan.

So now Ive gotten the first two rows done, and Im going over my cousins tomorrow to check with her to make sure Im doing it right. (I want to double check before I get ten rows in and realize its completely wrong!) But I cant seem to put it down! I just wanna crochet forever. I can see this quickly becoming a problem. Im on the fast track to become a yarn hoarder like my cousin! :D

The yarn I decided on is by Lion Brand. It is their Wool-Ease yarn in the color Seaspray. I matched it up with my throw pillows and it is almost perfect. The stitch is soo so easy and goes so quickly, which is why I am skeptical that Im doing something wrong! The only downside is I will be using a lot of yarn. I will be spending at least twice as much making this blanket then I would buying a blanket in the store. But lets face it, nothing compares to a beautiful handmade blanket..

Im not sure if I will be sharing my patterns and such on here or if thats even something anyone would be interested if you are please let me know! I will definitely be doing some progress posts as I go though. I would also love to hear about any of your "strange" addictions.

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