Friday, January 22, 2016

Snowed In!

This weekend, here in southeast Pennsylvania, we are in the midst of a blizzard! We are right on the line between 12-18" and 18-24", and I am so ready for whatever is to come! We never really got any good snow last winter, so we are definitely due. ;)
So, since well be stuck in the house for a few days.. (state of emergency! :o ) Ive gotten myself fully prepared! Ive got a nice big stack of wood, just outside the back door, to keep the fire going so we will stay cozy and warm! And ive got myself a few projects lined up to keep myself occupied!
I think Ive mentioned on here before that I am working on making myself a blanket for my bed. Ive been working on it for a few months, but had to put it on the back burner to work on some christmas presents, so Im not as far along as I really should be.. :/ but Im totally fine with that because Ive got plenty to work on this weekend now! :)
I also headed over to our local Aldi and picked up this adorable little animal crochet kit I saw in this weeks ad. I just had to have it! The kit was only $10 and it comes with a little book that shows you how to make 12 different animals, and all of the supplies to make 2 of them. :) mine makes a bunny and an adorable little koala that I am so excited to make! (It also has instructions for an alpaca and a sheep, which are soo stinking cute I cant even contain myself)
We are fully stocked up on dough, crescent rolls and cheese, to make a delicious pizza twists and wreaths. And a brand new deck of cards against humanity, which with my family will be a dangerous night! I wouldnt be surprised if we all die of laughter. Oh, and Ive got a few episodes of Younger to catch up on..not to mention an huge list of Netflix shows..and GOT..that I also need to catch up Ive got plenty to watch too!
You know..snow is one of those things that so many people hate and want nothing to do with. But I actually really love it. Its so magical and beautiful. Just the way it makes me feel as I watch it fall and just warms me up from the inside. I think more people need to stop and just take in the beauty that is all around us. 
Ive been seeing a lot of hate and bitterness around lately, and Ive really been trying so hard to spread love and kindness. To help those people see that life isnt fun with hatred in your heart. Sometimes you need to just let it go and let it be filled with love and light. Yesterday I saw Tim McGraws new video for his song Humble And Kind, and Ive been singing it constantly. Those are truly the greatest words to live by.
So heres to love, happiness, winter storms, hot cocoa, and crocheted alpacas! Enjoy your weekend no matter where you are. Be safe. Be happy. And always stay humble and kind. <3

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