Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful nail polish for $1?! - My first beauty post :D

How many bottles of $8, $10, even $15 nail polish do you have, I know I have a ton.
You would think that these $15 bottles would be the best nail polish you will ever own. THINK AGAIN!

I have never been big on painting my nails, mostly because it just chips off in the next day or two. A few polishes I have even came off in huge pieces, the whole nail basically just peeling off.

I am also very impatient, thank you dad for that lovely trait. So I hate sitting
around waiting for my nails to dry. I hate spending so much money on a bottle of nail polish I will never use, basically because in a few days it will be extremely unattractive.
If theres a special event, sure Ill do my nails just for that day. But its almost more worth it to go get them professionally done, at least that way they will last a week.
But no worries, I have found the best nail polish, in my opinion, and you will never guess where.

Yes, great nail polish, for just a dollar.

I admit, I was skeptical to buy it at first, but i figured, 'Hey if Im gonna buy a nail polish Im only going to use once, might as well be from the dollar store.'
So I went with this great silver color, I was gonna try a silver cheetah, my gold was getting a little played out.
I get home, apply the first coat. Goes on nice. Dries fast. Perfect consistency, not too thick, not too thin. Second coat, PERFECT coverage, basically no need for a third coat, which was a surprise to me, being as it was from the dollar store.
Now top coat is one thing I wouldnt skimp on, if youre gonna buy one good nail polish, I would go for the top coat. I havent tried the top coat from the dollar store, but I feel like thats the one I would opt for the more expensive brand of.
So I figured, this nail polish goes on great, looks great, but Im sure just like every other it will chip off in a day or two. Well, I was wrong. This stuff lasted so long! It didnt start chipping for over a week, and it probably would have lasted longer if I hadnt been rough on my fingers that week.
Basically, this is the best nail polish I have ever owned.
I got it at Dollar Tree. And the Brand is L.A. Colors, Color Craze.
Now of course, I went back and got five more shades, Ive only tried out two other colors, but so far, they work just as well. The colors are just as (if not more) beautiful as the bottle.
This is definitely my choice nail polish brand, and who would have thought it would be sold at the dollar store. I was so pleasantly surprised with this product!

Hot Pink



Silver Sparkle
Turquoise Sparkle


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