Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get naked at 1/2 price?

*None of the companies mentioned are paying me and all opinions are my own.*
This is just a quick blog to share what I found todayy :)
If you read my last two blogs youll know i LOVE the Urban Decay NAKED palette.
Well, today while looking online for some new palettes, i came across a palette that looks an awful lot like the Urban Decay NAKED pallet, but instead of $50, its only $25!
And it has more colors, and some lip colors.
Its the 'Nude on Nude' palette from NYX.
NYX has some really great products for a lot cheaper than similar products by Urban Decay, Too faced, Smashbox, etc.
I havent tried this palette, but I have tried other NYX products and I love them.
(Once I try it Ill give a full review)

These colors are so cute, theyre similar to NAKED but theres some more shades in there, and the quality is almost as good as Urban Decay.

(NAKED for comparison)

I know a lot of people love the naked palette, but dont wanna fork out $50 for it, so I wanted to share this with everyone as a cheaper alternative.

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  1. Although I already have the Naked palette, this seems like a really good alternative!