Wednesday, May 25, 2011


*None of the companies mentioned are paying me and all opinions are my own.*
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Urban Decay NAKED
This is definitely one of my favorite palettes ever.
The colors are all perfect and look great on any skin tone. There are so many looks you can do with this one palette.

You can buy this and all other products mentioned at Ulta or Sephora.

I love this look. It looks nice on all skin tones, its not too nude, you still look like you have makeup on, but its not bright or dark and crazy. And its super easy to do

How I did it.

Step one: Primer.
I used Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer.
Apply all over face to leave skin looking smooth and flawless, and to help makeup stay all day.
My favorite primer, used with the Primed and Poreless Powder makes your face so smooth and soft its so nice.

Step two: Foundation
Almay clear complexion.
Cover red spots or blemishes, areas that naturally get red.
This stuff is awesome. It absorbs oil and has salicylic acid to help heal blemishes.

Step three: Powder.
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder.
Apply to entire face to seal in foundation. I LOVE this powder, it gives you a natural glowy tan look, you dont even really need a bronzer with this.

Step four: Blush.
Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in 'Quickie'
Lightly apply to apples of cheeks and gently up towards temple.
This is such a cute light bubblegummy pink its a little shimmery but not too much like a lot of blushes can be. Personally i think its like the perfect blush color.

Step five: Define Eyebrows
You can either do this before or after you do the shadow, today i did it before.
Benefit Brow Zings.
I lovelovelove this little thing. I have it in light, and its pretty dark, if you have brown hair you might not wanna get the dark cuz if the light is this dark I cant imagine how dark the dark one is.
But this little guy is perfect, it has the darker gel color you define your brows with, then the lighter powder to set it. It comes with the brushes and a little pair of tweezers its tiny so it will fit in your purse or travel makeup bag, and it basically has everything you need to define your brows.
So you use the angle brush with the gel color to shape your brows, the the blending brush to fill them in.

Step six: Lid Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.
Dab a little of this on your lids and smooth over to cover veins or redness on eyelids, and to help shadow last all day and show the true color.
This is my favorite lid primer, but cheaper alternatives are NYX eyeshadow base or Amazing Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer.

Step seven:
Finally for the eyeshadow!

Using a shader brush apply to inner corner and brow bone.
Using small shader brush tap lightly in 'virgin' then 'naked' start right under pupil and bring to inner corner, leaving very inner corner lighter.

Using shader brush apply to outer corner in lightly bringing up to 'virgin' blend together

Using shader brush apply to outer corner and gently towards middle of lid blending into 'naked'

Using crease brush shade outer 1/2-2/3 of crease, again blendblendblend. (great eyeshadow is all about blending, if you dont blend its gonna look like crap.)
Using small shader brush apply to bottom outer corner halfway to inner corner blend into 'naked/virgin'

Using a short shader brush shade a tiny little bit of this on the very outer corner and blend into 'darkhorse'
Using a small shader brush apply a little bit to bottom outer corner blend into 'darkhorse'

Step eight: Liner
Line upper lid very fine just onto the lash line with any black liner, then the upper water line, using an angle brush take a little bit of 'creep' and tap it lightly onto liner to set and darken.
Line lower water line gently into lashes.

Step nine: Mascara
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara.
Curl lashes. Apply to top and bottom of upper lashes, i apply 2-3 coats to get the perfect look.
Apply to top of bottom lashes.
This mascara is amazing, perfect length and volume. AND it helps grow lashes!


  1. The colors are nice, but the lighting makes you look way too harsh. Hoops in the lip really take away from your pretty face. I found my eyes being drawn there first then focusing on your application.

  2. Very nice look lady! I am such a fan of the Naked Urban Decay palette and am very jealous that you have one and I don't...ha


  3. faedark-i dont think its harsh at all i personally like the way it looks thats the way i intended it to look. i wanted a darker outer corner/crease. in the bottom picture it looks a little darker than what it was but in person it looked perfect. (to me anyway) and as for the piercings its a personal opinion, maybe youre older and not used to it but im only 19 and i like it i think its self expression, you dont have to like them. but to me its not about what everyone else thinks.

    christina- thank you. i know its such a nice palette. i love it