Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy Summer Days

*None of the companies mentioned are paying me and all opinions are my own.*

So, with summer here, everyone seems to be going on a lot of trips/vacations. I know Ive been pretty busy lately, and havent had much time to be typing blogs. (And have a LOT to write)
So heres three quick tips for a fast summer look.

First tip to quick easy summer makeup:
A lot of drug store brands make great eye shadow trios, theyre perfect for keeping in your purse/travel bag, because you have all the colors youll need in one little package. Almay also makes a really cool little mascara, which you can change the fullness, so you can achieve any look with just one product. (And its small so its good for travel)
Second tip: Keep it simple.
Use colors that dont need a whole lot of blending and arent too dramatic.
If you use simple nude shades you wont have to spend a bunch of time blending, so you can just 'throw' it on and go.
And lastly: Make your lips pop.
If you have a simple eye, you wanna play up the lips. Use a coral or hot pink. (And vise versa, if you want a nude lip, make the eyes pop) With any neutral look you need something to draw attention to, or you could look kinda pale and sick, which is not a cute look.

Hope this helps with your busy summer days.

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