Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Favorites

*None of the companies mentioned are paying me and all opinions are my own.*

So, its summer time, and I thought I should share some of the products Ive been using lately.
Heres my 'not summer' favorites.
During the summer I usually use different products just because I want a more subtle look, or want to use less/lighter products. These are also all products that are perfect for going on vacation and trips. So here they are.

Like I said in my last blog, Soft Effects, I have been using a lot more browns and kind of nude shades.
So the first product Im gonna talk about is Pop Beauty's Eye Pop Trio.
I think its in No. 5 Notting Hill

Ive been using this a LOT lately, I love the colors!
It has the three shades which are marked with where you apply them, which makes it super easy for people who arent good with makeup. And because its all in one its great for keeping in your purse/travel makeup bag.

Next is the Stila Collectible Beach Palettes.
They are also really great for travel because they have four eye shadows and two blush/bronzers so you could carry one product in place of 6 separate, which is super convenient for vacation and stuff. Plus, theyre super cheap! Only about $15 at ulta or

The primer Ive been using is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.
This primer is perfect for me especially in the summer, because its oil free. So it helps keep makeup on longer and helps keep your face from getting oily if you start to sweat or anything.

In the summer my freckles get a little out of control and are super visible on my forehead and cheeks. So a really good concealer or foundation is a must, but you dont want to have to use a bunch of products to cover them up. So for a kind of 2 in 1 thing Ive been using Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation.
With this you dont need to use a foundation and a powder and because its kind of thicker you dont really need a concealer. Which makes this another awesome product for travel. I have this in a little bit of a darker shade because in the summer you tend to be a little more tan than winter. The only thing with this is the brush it comes with I would not use, but I rarely use any brushes that come with products. I would just use either a concealer/foundation brush or just my finger with this.

For moisturizers I use two different ones, one for night and one for day with spf.
The Korres one is amazing. I have pretty oily skin but it still gets dry around the nose and chin, and this is made just for that. Plus, its all natural which i LOVE. And the Philosophy one is really good for summer because, again, its oil free, And it has spf 30 which is a must have for during the day in the summer.

Other summer products that are good for travel:
Benefit Brow Zings
Stila collectible Palettes (they have other ones not just the beach ones)
Tarte Femme Naturale Palette
Urban Decay Naked Palette
(Basically any small palette with multiple shades in which ever product are good so you have some more options while youre on your trip but less bulk.)
Most companies have small travel sizes in their popular products which are perfect for either just having in your purse or travel makeup bag.
Also, a lot of companies offer sample size products either for a super cheap price and some even for free which most of the time you can ask for at their store. So they are really good for taking on vacation with you cuz theyre super small. But most of the time they are only 1-2 time use.
I like to take little sample size perfumes with me instead of a huge bottle, but be careful they tend to leak if left on their side or get sprayed easily in your bag with other products.

I hope this helps a little with your summer vacation packing. Enjoy your summer<3


  1. I love your site. It looks cute...lots of great stuff on makeup.

  2. Thank you :) Im glad you like it!