Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soft Effects

Smashbox Soft Effects Powder Eye Liner
Developed to mimic the effect of a soft focus lens, which eliminates hard lines and angles, this unique applicator and formula creates a beautifully diffused line of color that never looks harsh.

Before I received this in the mail, I had no idea it existed. I opened it and immediately fell in love.
First of all, its such a great idea! A powder eye liner..awesome.
You can use this over top of an eye liner to soften it and add definition or clean up wobbly lines, and to make it last longer.
(a powder over a cream will always make it last longer)
Or you could use it alone as a liner for a softer look.

I got it in brown, and its the perfect shade of brown its dark, but not too dark. And with softer application can be pretty light.
Now, I dont know what it is, whether its cause its summer and Ive been doing more nude looks, but Ive been using a LOT of browns lately.
(check out my summer favs here)
So when I received this I was that much more excited, and it has added a little diversity, I guess you could say, to my makeup. For the more nude natural looks you dont want a harsh line of eye liner, so this is perfect for that. Even to add under the lower lashes for a subtle smokey brown, its great.
Basically, I LOVE this product, and Im sure Ill be using it a lot this summer.

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