Thursday, July 21, 2011

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask: Week 2

If you havent read week 1 click here.

So, I just washed my face..and applied the mask.
This week it doesnt seem as intense as far as the 'chemical' feeling. It feels like a regular cooling mask, or a somewhat strong toner.
I applied a thinner layer, so I still have enough in the first packet to do another treatment, so Im pretty sure if I could have got 4 treatments with only one packet. Which makes the product so much more worth the money. Rather than only getting 6 treatments you can get about 24 if you use each packet 4 times.
This is exactly why i think they need to put it into a tube or jar rather than the little packets.

Now, im sitting here typing this while i let it dry. And my dad, who normally makes fun of me when i do masks, just walked in and didnt even notice i had it on, because it dried clear - just a little shiny. Which I LOVE.

Well, I just rinsed and it feels so amazing. I am just as impressed the second time with the smoothness I feel immediately after rinsing. You will not want to stop touching your face.
So far ive been doing it once a week, but i think since i can get four uses per packet i will be bumping it up to twice a week. (but only posting result updates once a week) Since I dont have the clearest skin all the time I dont think it will be too harsh on my skin, and i might see results a little sooner.
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