Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skin Care Routine

Ive been wanting to do a skin care routine blog for a while now. and im finally gonna do it :) yay

ive struggled with bad skin basically my whole life. ive gone to dermatologists, tried like everything out there. some things helped a little. some not at all.
my skin is oily, acne prone, and i have large pores. so i go through products like crazy trying new things hoping something will work!
and thankfully, ive found something that actually does work really well for me.

i hate products like proactive, that say it will work for you, because everyone is different, so what works for you, isnt always gonna work for me.
i havent tried skin id, but i think they deff have the right idea about things.

but as for me, ive found the (almost) perfect formula for my skin using these products..

before you wash your face, you should use a makeup remover, because if you just wash your face, youre basically just removing the makeup, and not actually cleansing the skin, so if you just wash it, youd have to do it twice to remove and cleanse the skin. so i like to use a makeup remover wipe, i havent found a problem with any ive tried, right now i have the cheap walmart brand which was more than twice as many for like $1 cheaper than every other brand. but i love the nutrogena ones too. just check the package to see if it removes waterproof mascara. thats a must!

as you probably know, im a HUGE fan of Murad.
every product ive tried, ive loved!
so of course, my favorite face wash is:

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

(which, btw, right now if you order any acne products on you get a free travel bonus)
I absolutely LOVE this stuff! if works amazingly on my skin. and right now im out of it and so upset, but its $23, which is a bit pricey, so ive been trying cheaper products like nutrogena
but anyway, it:
*eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria, in 60 seconds.
*clears blemishes and prevents breakouts.

to wash my face, i use the
Clarisonic Classic.

(The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System works with your skin’s natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities that traditional methods leave behind — giving you softer, smoother and more beautiful skin.)
I have a pink one and a white one. and i looooveee these things! they get your face so much cleaner than using just your hands, or anything else ive tried.
it has two speeds, and 5 different brush heads for your specific needs.
(normal, sensitive, delicate, deep pore, and body)
it uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. in just 60 seconds, the micro-massage action removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. removing more dirt and oil from your pores also helps products work more effectively.

Clarisonic has 4 different cleansers (which ive tried, but didnt love) you can use with the brush, but i like to use the murad one, because it works better on my skin.

after i cleanse, i always use a toner. i use the
Murad Clarifying Toner

it basically goes hand-in-hand with the cleanser, it:
*eliminates oil and impurities from acne-prone skin.
*controls surface shine.
*clears and tightens pores

then i like to follow with a spot treatment, or Murads Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel.
then of course a moisturizer.
and my all time favorite isss..
Korres YOGHURT Velvety Moisturising Cream.

its made for oily, yet dehydrated, skin.
which is something a lot of moisturizers are not. most have oils in them, and even if they say "oil free" they still make my skin feel oily shortly after applying. but this stuff, the first time i tried it i was amazed, my skin didnt feel oily at all, and it did exactly what i needed.

and lastly, theres weekly treatments like masks, ive been using the
Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask.

you can find a dull review part one here and part two here. :)

i love to hear about what other people are using for their skin, so please share your favorite products. let us know your skin type, and what products you use that work for your skin type, and products youve tried that didnt work for your skin type. :)

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