Friday, March 15, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

By now, Im sure youve heard of the Beauty Box.
I had heard of it a while ago, but never put too much thought into checking it out..but they recently sent me a sample month, so I decided to review it for you guys and see if its worth it.

First, a little about the box.
Once a month youll get a little box with 4-5 samples in it. The samples could be makeup, skin care products, hair care products, fragrances, etc. Sometimes youll get a small full sized product, but mostly just sample sizes of things. Then if you like the products, or want to find out more you can find information and even buy right from the Beauty Box website. 

They offer 3 different pricing options. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 
Monthly, they will charge you $12 once a month, every month (costing you a total of $144 in one year). 
Quarterly, they will charger you $30 four times a year (costing you a total of $120 a year). 
And lastly, yearly, for $100 you will only be charged once a year. 
So the yearly option is the best deal, but youll need to pay $100 all at once, rather than broken down into 4 or 12 payments. 

Now whats inside.
My box has the following products in it. (Ill do full reviews on some of the products if you want, let me know what you want to see reviewed)
-Lash Card. Comes with 2 individually wrapped disposable mascara shields.
Honestly, pointless in my opinion. I dont have a problem applying mascara, and I actually found it harder to apply mascara while using this! - $6.99 for one pack of 10 cards. 
-H Wood Beauty Lip stick in Rose. I think this is a full size lipstick.
I couldnt find on the website the size of the full size product, but if this is a sample size, its a big sample! I havent really tried this product, I put it on like twice just to check it out. I like it, the color is pretty, but it doesnt go on very opaque. it just gives a light tint of color. It goes on smooth though. - $16 for the full size.
-Evie Evan Moisture Creme. Full size Mini moisture creme.
I havent used this at all yet, so I cant say whether or not I like it, but I can say that it smells like bug spray. So Im kind of grossed out about that.. It looks like its the same size as the Mini moisture creme available on the website. - Mini .5 oz $13, Full 2 oz $41.
-Everyday Mineral blush in Girl Friday. Might be full size mini.
I havent actually worn this blush yet, but I swatched it and checked it out a little. But I really like it so far, I like the color, and it goes on really smooth. I dont usually like loose powders, but I really liked this one so far. The site doesnt have sizes, but they do sell a mini, so this might be the mini size available. - Mini $6.99 Big $10.99 -
-MaskerAide Beauty Rest'ore hydrating facial sheet mask. 1 mask.
I actually forgot about this, so I just put it on. I had a hard time getting it on my face right..the openings are too big or something, and it feels like its sliding down my face. The price seems steep for one mask in my opinion..and Im not a fan of the product. I much prefer a regular mask, and I think Ill stick to my Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Masque for now. - $4.99 for one individually wrapped mask.

So is it worth it? I think it is, if this is how the samples are every month, it is definitely worth it. These are big samples, and looking at the prices for $12 a month, it is definitely worth it! Especially if youre like me, and love to try out new products all the time. :)

To buy your beauty box subscription, or for more information go to

The products in this review was provided to me for the purpose of writing a review on the BeautyBox5, not the products themselves. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly my own opinions. All reviews provided here are the work of myself and remain completely unbiased.

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