Friday, November 21, 2014

Laura Geller Review Pt. 3: Color Drenched Lip Gloss

The third new product I recently tried from Laura Geller is the Color Drenched Lip Gloss. If you read my previous post, you should be aware that I am much more a fan of glosses than lip sticks. So I was pretty excited to try this one out. I tend to spend more money on higher end lip glosses over other products. I can buy drug store mascara, eyeliner, even foundations and powders. But lip gloss (as well as eye shadow and brushes) is one thing I usually buy high end.
They definitely named this product well. When I first swatched this gloss I was surprised at how rich and pigmented it was. They claim it is a non-sticky formula, and I agree. I cant stand the feeling of sticky gloopy or stringy lip glosses, and this was none of those things. It feels really nice on your lips. I got the color Guava Delight. Which matches the lipstick in my previous post, Tiger Lily, almost perfectly. So if youre someone who likes to layer lip sticks and glosses, that is a great pair! But, neither color look too good on my lips. Like I said in the previous post, I prefer lighter colors such as nudes or pinks and nudey pinks.
One thing I loved about this gloss was the scent! Oh my lord, it has a delicious subtle coffee scent. I am a huge fan of good smelling things, so I personally think makeup products that smell like food or candy are a gift from god! Also, this gloss has emollient oils and Vitamin E, which help protect your lips from environmental damage. Which, to me, is a major plus!

This gloss goes for around $19.00 for 0.3 fl oz/9 ml
Ive compared that to my two favorite lip glosses. NYX Butter Gloss, which is $5 for 0.27 fl oz/8 ml and Lorac Couture Shine which is $22 for 0.17 fl oz/5 ml. NYX is just a tiny bit less product for close to 1/4 of the price. I think the NYX Butter Glosses are amazing and super creamy and pretty well pigmented. The one thing though is they tend to wear off somewhat quickly. But theyre in a small enough tube (although they have almost the same amount of product) that theyre easy to carry with you for touch ups. The Lorac gloss is almost half as much product (in a slightly larger tube, which is really deceiving if you ask me!) for a few dollars more. I think it is probably just as rich and creamy, but not quite as pigmented as the Laura Geller one.
The Laura Geller gloss seems to be a pretty fair price for the product, and I really want to go check out some other colors!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and any other Laura Geller products you may have tried. So feel free to share in the comments below!

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