Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2 Night makeup..

Looking for an easy way to take your makeup from simple 'day' makeup, to dramatic 'night' makeup?
Look no further! With Rimmel's new 'Day2Night' Mascara, you get just that.

One tube - two mascaras.
Two brushes in one, you get the day time brush which give your beautiful length. Then the night time brush which gives you amazing volume.
(its not really two brushes, the tube just wipes more mascara off the wand for the day/length brush.)
This is super convenient to have even if youre not going from day to night makeup.
This is a perfect mascara for those girls who dont have a ton of makeup and but like to switch it up. Sometimes you want length, sometimes you want volume. But you dont wanna have to scan the aisles for the right one for each type.
With this you just need the one tube, and can achieve either look.

Ive seen other mascaras where they have two ends one volume one length, but that can get annoying having to flip it around, sometimes opening the wrong end when twisting it open..and theyre kind of long tubes with not as much actual mascara in the tube.
But with this its the same amount of mascara, and "both" brushes are at the same end.
Its a little easier to carry around (since its not super long like double sided mascaras) and its super convenient.

You can get it here, or check out your local drug store, or beauty supply. Its only about $8.
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