Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a week.

*This is not a beauty post, this is a personal post, if you dont care, dont read*
Its been about a week since Ive posted something, and I like to post at least twice a week..preferably more.
But I have had quite a hectic week. So I just wanted to take a little time and explain whats been going on.
This isnt going to be a beauty post at all, so If youre uninterested in my life and personal posts, please dont bother reading this. And please no rude comments.

So, my last post was tuesday.

Wednesday my sister moved back home. her and her boyfriend had an apartment together, and things didnt work out so she moved back home. during the day her and her bf were bringing some stuff home then after my parents got home we all went over to help her move her bed and dressers and everything. so that was an all day thing, no time to bloggy.

Thursday me and my best friend went to Belmar beach for my birthday.
We didnt end up leaving until about 1:30-2:00. Which I guess I didnt mind because we didnt hit rush hour and by the time we got there a lot of the morning people would be gone.
So I live about an hour from Belmar, so we got there at like 3:00. We put a TON of quarters in the meter..got down on the beach. Look to the right, tonnnnss of people. look to the left big open space then a ton more people. So we go hey lets put our stuff down here. Then we realize theres no swimming flags. No wonder theres no one here. So we decided to put our stuff down there and just walk over to where we could swim, it was probably about 30 feet, not far at all. So it was me, my best friend, her little brother, and his girlfriend. So we all went in at once. We were in there for probably no more than 30-40 minutes. We get out and go back to our blankets..well, the seagulls had gotten a hold of our food..they took a bag of doritos and like 20 seagulls were all crowded around our stuff. There were a bunch of people around and NO ONE could scare them away while we were gone..we thought that was kind of rude, then there were people taking pictures and videos and the one girl said "we could get this on the news!" because seagulls eating someones food is so news worthy! hahaha So we buried brian, gave him a pregnant belly and some boobs, he rinsed off, we packed our stuff and went back to the car. we had only been on the beach for like an hour and a half or something. we put our stuff in the car and walked a little bit down the boardwalk and stuff. we had so much time left on the meter but we just left anyway to find somewhere to eat. omgsh it took us probably an hour to find somewhere to eat. we went in three places that should have been normal places to eat but they were super expensive and like five star hahah. So we finally found a pizza place. the plates were dirty, the pizza was extremely greasy, we had some bad luck that day with food. so we made our way back towards the beach and stopped at this marina/park and just walked around by the water and stuff for an hour or so, then we left. so this trip that was supposed to be me and my best friend going to the beach all day ended up being a 7 hour trip to jersey where we spent 50% of our time in the car. i was a little disappointed because that was supposed to be my birthday thing and it ended up being all about her brother. but its whatever i guess. so that was my thursday.

Friday was my birthday. btw, i turned 20! :) i had all intentions of posting something quick on friday. but i ended up just relaxing. we didnt do anything special for my birthday..me and my dad went to get a cake, i picked the 'cookies and cream' one, omgsh it was so good. we didnt have any candles so my sister ran to walgreens to get some. she lit them all and they were like sparking at me i was like are they supposed to do that? hahah so i blew them out and she goes "that was lame they were supposed to be magic candles" as soon as she said that they all light back up hahha. i kept blowing them out and lighting back up. so we tried taking them out quickly and putting them in water so they couldnt light back up! hahah it was pretty funny, when my family is together we do nothing but laugh :) i love my family and im so happy my sisters home :)
My dog, daisy, had been sick for like 3-4 weeks. on july 1st, we put my other dog speck down, he had heart failure, he was an old man and lived a long happy life. (btw my dads bday is july 7th so speck passed very close to my dads bday) shortly after speck died, daisy got sick. it started out just throwing up a few times, then it was every time she ate, we took her to the vet because she had a lump on her side, and they gave her antibiotics, it helped the lump a little but it didnt help her stomach at all. so we took her back. she was dehydrated, they gave her an IV and some anti nausea pills. she lost so much weight and she was nothing but skin and bones, it was so horrible to see. we were giving her broth and peanut butter and Ceasars dog food and she seemed to be keeping it down better. thursday before i left for the beach she looked like she was doing good. then when i came home i tried giving her more food, and she would just walk away from it. friday was the same thing. and somewhere along the line her mouth had been bleeding. we thought it was just her tongue from rubbing against her teeth. but friday it started bleeding so bad she was leaving little puddles of blood everywhere she layed. she layed outside all night, i guess because it was cooler outside. she still wasnt eating, so i brought her some ice water she would drink some then i would have to get fresh water because the blood in it made it look like kool aid, i was so worried about her, and my mom had made an appointment for monday, but she wasnt doing good at all, and i wanted to take her sooner. it had gotten late so we wanted to bring her inside, but she wouldnt walk, so we had to carry her in, my mom made a little bed for her and we layed her down on it. we were all laying around it with her just petting her and talknig to her trying to make her feel comfortable. we were all crying because she looked so sick and the blood was just horrible.
I went to sleep so worried about her.

Saturday, I woke up to a phone call from my mom "were with daisy at the animal hospital, she has to be put down, do you want us to come get you" my eyes immediately filled with tears all i could say was are you serious, at first i thought it was a bad dream. so my parents came to pick us up, we went in the room and the lady was explaining what was happening. they said her trachea was paralyzed and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with her stomach yet, they would have had to do surgery to fix the trachea, but they couldnt remove her breathing tubes to fix it because she couldnt breathe without them. we dont know what exactly was bleeding but we assume it was something with the trachea. and we never found out what was wrong with her stomach, but they said it was two serious things, and it was better for her just to put her down.
they took us back to where she was, laying on a table with tubes and iv's coming out of her, her eyes looked so sad. the vets had made two little foot prints for us on cards. we had a minute to hug her and kiss her and tell her we love her. they asked if we wanted to stay for it. my sister couldnt stay, but me and my parents stayed. they gave her an anesthetic, then something else, they checked her heartbeat, and told us she was gone. we all kissed her and told her we love her one last time. and we left.
The rest of saturday we finished cleaning out my sisters rookm so all her stuff could go in there, it was all kinda just sitting in the living room.

Sunday my parents rented a carpet cleaner to clean up all the blood stains daisy had left in my parents room, it looked like a murder scene. so me and my mom cleaned the house and i shampooed their room, the hall way, and my room. when my dad got home he did the rest of the living room. then we had a delish dinner. me and my dad had been craving a thanksgiving-like meal. so thats what we were going to have, but turkey was expensive, so they just got chicken. but im a vegetarian so i got a quorn turk'y roast. and we had mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and mixed veggies. it was so good :)

then yesterday, monday. my sister was on the computer job hunting all day so i didnt get a chance to get on.

So I apologize for the delay in posts, and that this is such a long one. I hope you understand.

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