Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are You Eco Friendly?

*None of the companies mentioned are paying me for this blog, all opinions are my own.*
Today I watched a YouTube video by Blair Fowler, a YouTube 'Beauty Guru' about being eco-friendly.
So that inspired me to do my own blog post of ways to be eco friendly.

Heres Blairs video:

Now my ways to be eco friendly are:
- Use a water filter.
I admit, I am guilty of using plastic bottles too, but at home I have a Pur water filter which I use alllll the time.

- When I do use plastic water bottles, I recycle.
In my house we have always recycled, and I kind of thought everyone just did it. But I noticed lately a lot of my friends dont. And honestly, I dont understand why. It doesnt cost anything to recycle, and its just as easy to throw a bottle into a recycle bin as it is a trash can.

- As Blair says, BYOB, Bring Your Own Bag.
Most grocery stores have reusable bags at the register for $1. Or just use a cute tote bag you already own. I also noticed at Target they have a little 'recycling center' they have bins for recycling old plastic bags. (as well as old cell phones, electronic cords, and the usual bottles and paper)

- Unplug things.
When youre not using your charger, or if you have 3 lamps in your room and only ever use one, unplug them. Even if its not in use, its still using electricity. Not only will you be helping the environment, youll save money on your electric bill.
- Turn off lights.
When you leave a room, during the day, even at night. If youre not in a room, why do you need that light on. If the sun is out, open your curtains, use some natural lighting. Or if youre sitting in your room at night turn off the lights in the other rooms, or instead of having all the lights in a room on just have one on, or use the light of your tv if youre watching it.

- Turn off unused electronics.
If youre not on your computer, turn it off. If youre not watching your tv, turn it off. Little things like that really do add up.
- Go vegetarian.
I have been vegetarian for about five and a half years now. There are so many benefits of being vegetarian. But to me the biggest one (aside from saving millions of little animals from dying for my dinner) is that its helping the environment. "According to the UN, raising animals for food causes more green house gas emissions than all the cars, planes, ships, and trains in the world combined." I do NOT want to be part of that!

- Lastly, buy environmentally friendly makeup.
There are tons of eco friendly, natural, organic makeup companies out there. Theyre great for your body, and the environment!
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Lets all go green together. Follow these tips and help make the world a better place.
Comment below ways you are eco friendly!

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