Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY Clip in Hair Extensions. (colorful highlights)

Ive been making my own clip in hair extensions for probably five years now.I prefer using clip ins rather than gluing them or doing micro links.
With clip ins, you have the option of taking them out, and just putting them in when ever you feel like it. Clip ins are also a lot easier to take care of, and will last much longer.
You dont really have to worry about tangling them or pulling them out of your hair while you brush.
And the main thing, you can do them yourself for pretty cheap!

What youll need:
1 weft of hair in blonde at your length.
15-20 snap clips (hair extension clips) to match your hair color.
Needle and thread to match the hair/clips.
Flat iron.

You can get them:
Weft - Most hair/wig stores (that will most likely be the cheapest place) I got mine at a beauty supply store in Morrisville for $50, Sally Beauty is usually $70.
Clips - Sallys sells a 3 pack for like $2, but you can re use the clips, when the hair is too old and tangled just cut the thread and keep the clips for next time.

What to do:
(This is only for colorful highlights, not full head extensions I will do a post on that next)
Take your weft out of the package, and unfold/unwrap. If you want you can take your flat iron and straighten out the kinks in the track, it will make it a little easier later.

Measure about 4.5" and cut.

Fold the hair into thirds (You can take your flat iron again to hold the folds to make it easier while sewing)
Thread your needle so your thread is about 12" long (i double my thread over so its 2 strands, for a little added strength) and tie a knot in the end 2-3 times so it wont pull through.
Then you basically just wanna sew the hair through the holes in the clip.
Start at either end, make sure you go through the hair first, the thread will pull through the clip.

Go through the track and through the hole in the clip, then I just wrap it around and go through the same hole to give it a little more strength, then go to the next hole and repeat, all the way to the last hole. Then tie your thread off, make sure its secure on the end of the hair/clip. And cut your extra thread.

Do it again for the next piece of hair, repeat till you have no more hair.
It should look something like this.

Then just dye them to your desired color. Ill be doing mine hot pink and purple, some blue and turquoise. If you want them for natural highlights just buy that color.
For full head extensions check back later this week, Ill be posting that soon!